Weird Gloop elections/2020/Results

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These are the results of the 2020 Weird Gloop election, compiled by Cook Me Plox.

Votes were cast by 24 users. Every voter who voted was eligible.

As set out in Weird Gloop elections/2020/Candidates, the rules for voting were a bit different than in previous years – each candidate needed to receive majority support in order to be seated.

Candidate Wiki Yes No
Elessar2 RuneScape 22 2
Haidro RuneScape 21 3
IsobelJ RuneScape 21 3
BigDiesel2m OSRS 22 2
Legaia2Pla OSRS 23 1
Riblet15 OSRS 22 2
Crowborn RuneScape (pt) 23 1

All seven candidates were elected with a majority of "Yes" votes.