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There is an election taking place! Please cast your votes for the 2022 board here: Weird Gloop board election, 2022!

Weird Gloop board elections are the process by which Weird Gloop Limited board members are nominated, voted on, and appointed. Elections will be held once a year in the winter, with the appointments taking place early in the new year.

The Weird Gloop member elections process is modelled on the Wikimedia Foundation board elections.

Board responsibilities

Please read Weird Gloop Board for a list of current board members and a description of the board and its responsibilities.

Election overview

Currently, nine seats are appointed by election. These are apportioned as follows:

  • Three positions reserved for the RuneScape Wiki
  • Three positions reserved for the Old School RuneScape Wiki
  • Two administrative positions (currently held by the co-founders)
  • One position reserved for the Portuguese RuneScape Wiki

Elected members serve terms of one year. Members can re-nominate themselves after their term ends, if they wish - there are no term limits. At the board's discretion, Weird Gloop may increase the number of elected members (in the event the company hosts additional wikis), and the board reserves the right to appoint up to two outside members that are not subject to elections.

Emergency elections will not be held unless more than 2 members step down or are unable to serve at their post, and elections are more than 4 months away. Ultimately the decision for whether an emergency election is required will be made by the remaining members.

Some elected members may serve much longer terms in order to not have to continually re-authorise bank account access and other administrative duties. This will be done with community consensus.

Voter requirements

  • Not blocked on any Weird Gloop wiki currently
  • Not a bot account
  • Have made 100 edits total and 10 edits in the 3 month period preceding the beginning of voting

You may only vote once, regardless of how many accounts you have.

Current and former Weird Gloop members and contractors are also allowed to vote, as are election committee members and verified Jagex staff. Banned users cannot vote.

Candidate requirements

Candidates can nominate themselves for a RuneScape Wiki position, an Old School RuneScape Wiki position, or a Portuguese-Brazilian RuneScape Wiki position, depending on what their primary wiki is -- you can only nominate yourself for one. Candidates should be evaluated based on their connection to the wiki they want to represent.

  • Not blocked on any Weird Gloop wiki currently
  • Cannot be a member of the election committee, a paid contractor or employee of Weird Gloop, or a Jagex staff member
  • Must be 'of sufficiently sound character', i.e.:
    • Must not have committed a serious crime or any crime involving dishonesty or deception
    • Must not have been removed from a position at a non-profit organisation or other company due to mismanagement or misconduct
    • Background checks may be performed to check this.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and of legal age in your home country and/or country of residence.
  • We will also need a way to reliably contact you, i.e. a personal email address.

Submitting your nomination

You will need to submit the following by 22 January, by sending them to

  • Which group (RuneScape Wiki or Old School RuneScape Wiki or Portuguese RuneScape Wiki) you are submitting your nomination for
  • A short statement about yourself and your reasons for running (at most 200 words)
  • A brief summary (at most 200 words) about your work on the Weird Gloop wikis (including before the fork)
  • A brief summary (at most 200 words) about other work - things that you've done that would be relevant - such as other volunteering, experience, work in other communities or similar

Your submission's receipt will be acknowledged. Please contact us if you do not receive a response.

Process (2022)

  • The page for the election is posted on 9 January.
  • Candidates will be able to submit until 22 January. The list of candidates will be updated as submissions are made.
  • On 22 January, candidate submissions will be published.
  • From 22 January to 29 January, voters will be able to submit questions to the candidates.
  • Candidates should answer these questions during this time.
  • On 29 January, voting will open.
  • On 12 February (2 weeks later), voting will close.
  • Votes will then be checked, and the results will be announced on or around 12 February.


Voting is conducted via the SecurePoll extension. This extension will allow you to submit a vote any time from open to close of the election, and you can change your vote at any time by re-completing the ballot.

Voting is done using a ranked-choice method (specifically, the Schulze method). The list of all RuneScape Wiki candidates will be listed, and voters can enter their numerical rankings for those candidates. Similarly, the Old School RuneScape Wiki candidates will be listed separately, and voters can enter their choices for those candidates.

The elected candidates will be the three candidates with the highest aggregate preference (according to the Schulze method) from RuneScape Wiki, and the three candidates with the highest aggregate preference from the Old School RuneScape Wiki.

Anonymised and time-randomised ballots will be made public at the end of the election, as well as a statistical summary of votes.

Elections history