Weird Gloop Limited

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Weird Gloop Limited
Abbreviation WG
Founded 25 October 2017
Founder LEE, Jonathan and LLOYD, Gareth[1]
Type Private company limited by guarantee without share capital
Company no. 11031982
Focus Free, wiki-based documentation for Jagex projects
Location Coventry, England
Area served Worldwide
Products RuneScape Classic Wiki, Old School RuneScape Wiki, RuneScape Wiki, Português RuneScape Wiki
Membership Board only
Employees 2 (part-time)

Weird Gloop Limited is the company that operates the Weird Gloop wikis. The company was incorporated on 25 October 2017 after the Old School and RuneScape wiki communities made the decision to leave the Wikia/Fandom wiki hosting platform and become independently hosted.

The company is managed by board members representative of the communities of the Weird Gloop wikis, who are chosen in annual elections. There are also two permanent company directors: Jonathan Lee and Gareth Lloyd[1]. The board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company which involves making strategic decisions and reviewing company performance; reviewing and approving budget requests; and making and paying employment contracts. The board is bound to abide by the Weird Gloop constitution as a framework to ensure that decision making remains in the interest of the Weird Gloop wiki communities.

The company’s expenses mainly concern infrastructure (servers, domain names etc) and salaries. While the company presently has no full time employees, it does have two part-time sysadmin contractors who maintain the servers. The company’s current funding source is through a contract with Jagex which includes a fee to cover hosting and administration costs.

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