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The following is a list of current risks identified for Weird Gloop:

Risk number Risk Description Mitigation
1 Payment is no longer received from Jagex Jagex may decide not to renew funding for Weird Gloop or there could be a delay in us receiving payment from them. As we are dependent on Jagex for our income, this could result in us being unable to meet the costs required to keep the company going.  We will keep a buffer of at least 3 months' worth of expenses to allow us time to find an alternative source of income should there be a change in our relationship with Jagex.

Cook also has the personal financial means to cover company expenses but this is not a desirable solution (even in the short-term).

If we needed alternative source of income we could look into running ads on the wikis. This would generate a source of income greater than the funding currently provided by Jagex. This could be achieved in a relatively short period of time (a couple of days), with little to no technical work required.

2 Current Sysadmins no longer perform duties Our current sysadmins perform their roles for minimal financial compensation due to their relationships with the wiki community. If our current sysadmins were unable or unwilling to continue in their roles then our current budget would not allow us to hire external replacements. Cook would be able to cover business as usual sysadmin work as a short-term solution. Cook has access to the same technical infrastructure as the sysadmins and can manage other people's access levels if required.

Cook is continuing to advocate for Jagex to increase our budget with the aim to be able to pay a competive full time wage to Weird Gloop sysadmins.

If the situation arose and we were unable to gain sufficient funding from Jagex we could need to look at alternative funding as per risk 1 mitigation.