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The following is a list of current action items for the board:

Item Responsible Due date Completed?
Create a public action items page on meta Elessar2 21/08/2021 Yes check.svg
Clean up the NDA channel on discord Cook Me Plox  21/08/2021  Yes check.svg
Look at our privacy policy (with Nex) Cook Me Plox 01/10/2021 X mark.svg
Investigate account removal/scrambling N/A post 1.35 Yes check.svg
Risk register Isobel 01/09/2021 Yes check.svg
Look into limiting the directors ability to sell the company Isobel 01/10/2021 Yes check.svg
Pt-Br bonds for OSWF Elessar2 01/09/2021 Yes check.svg
MP4 player extension server techs ongoing X mark.svg
Create a google drive folder for board documents Gaz 21/08/2021 Yes check.svg
Create a meta wiki page about Weird Gloop Riblet15 01/09/2021 Yes check.svg
Board members to read Haidro's voting proposal and comment on the forum thread Entire board  01/09/2021 Yes check.svg