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The Weird Gloop Board oversees the company and its operations, as its ultimate corporate authority. The board is elected annually in the Weird Gloop elections. The Weird Gloop Board is based on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. If you'd like to get in contact with the board feel free to contact any of the members using their talk pages or via discord. Alternatively the latest board meeting forum is always left open, feel free to post there.

Current board members[edit | edit source]

Photo Name Seat Role Term ends Notes Home wiki
Board icon - Cook Me Plox.png Cook Me Plox Director and Member Managing Director N/A Weird Gloop founder N/A
Board icon - Gaz Lloyd.png Gaz Lloyd Director and Member Chairman of the Board of Directors N/A Weird Gloop founder N/A
Board icon - BlackHawk.png BlackHawk Member RS wiki liaison 1 April 2024 RSW
Board icon - CraftyElk.png CraftyElk Member Treasurer 1 April 2024 RSW
Board icon - Nex Undique.png Nex Undique Member 1 April 2024 RSW
Board icon - BigDiesel2m.png BigDiesel2m Member Chairperson, OSRS wiki liaison, Bookkeeper 1 April 2024 OSW
Board icon - Omnes Ferant.png Omnes Ferant Member 1 April 2024 OSW
Board icon - Riblet15.png Riblet15 Member Minute taker 1 April 2024 OSW
Board icon - Toktom.png Toktom Member PTBR wiki Liaison 1 April 2024 PTBR

Board history[edit | edit source]

Previous boards, with more information on roles and term dates, can be found on the archive page.

Board responsibilities[edit | edit source]

The Weird Gloop Board exists for three main purposes:

  1. Acting as a liaison and check between the wiki(s) community and the management of the company, making sure that the decisions made by the company remain in the best interests of the editors and the wikis
  2. Assisting in the long-term strategic planning for the company
  3. Assisting in the day-to-day governance of the company, including:
    • Approving budget decisions and reviewing budget requests
    • Making and paying employment contracts
    • Reviewing the performance of company management
    • Preparing periodic budget and performance statements for public consumption
    • Attend periodic board meetings to discuss all of the above, and more

Additionally, members are granted the bureaucrat user group on Weird Gloop Meta Wiki to grant users the sysop user group as specified by Meta:Requests for adminship.

Currently, nine seats are appointed by election. These are apportioned as follows:

  • Two administrative positions (currently held by the co-founders)
  • Three positions reserved for the RuneScape Wiki
  • Three positions reserved for the Old School RuneScape Wiki
  • One position reserved for the Portuguese RuneScape Wiki

Additional information about Board elections can be found on Weird Gloop elections.

Company roles[edit | edit source]

Every electoral term, the members elect a number of roles as shown in the table above. A person may hold multiple roles, and their responsibilities may be delegated to other people.

  • Chairperson - Schedules general meetings, prepares an agenda, rules on disputes regarding community consensus.
  • Minute taker - Takes notes during the general meeting and prepares reports to be posted on Meta wiki.
  • Bookkeeper - Maintains and prepares company documents.
  • Treasurer - Provides a financial update at each general meeting and taxes and other financial reporting obligations for Weird Gloop.
  • RS wiki liaison - Provides an update on the status of the RS wiki at each general meeting.
  • OSRS wiki liaison - Provides an update on the status of the OSRS wiki at each general meeting.
  • PTBR wiki liaison - Provides an update on the status of the PTBR wiki at each general meeting.

Director roles[edit | edit source]

  • Managing Director - authority to enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of the company
  • Chairman (of the Board of Directors) - runs meetings of the board of directors