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Working Title: Global IP Blacklisting Policy

Global IP blacklisting can be used in extreme situations to help protect the Weird Gloop family of wikis by disallowing IP addresses/ranges from accessing our sites. These blocks are performed by sysadmins. There are several reasons on why an IP may be blacklisted.

Details[edit | edit source]

Global IP blacklisting/blocking is performed at the Cloudflare level. This prevents any access to the site - attempting to view any page returns an error page akin to a 500-type error. This applies to all sites on the Weird Gloop network.

This is distinct from local blocks - governed by the user block policy of each wiki - which are performed at the MediaWiki level (at Special:Block) and just prevent the ability to edit pages and perform other actions on just that wiki; pages can still be viewed.

Reasons[edit | edit source]

Users may be blacklisted for any violation of our Terms of Use, and do not necessarily require community discussion. The most common reasons are below.

Protecting site stability[edit | edit source]

If a user operates a bot that accesses the site in a manner that causes site stability issues, such as excessive amounts of requests without any kind of rate limit or abuse of our APIs, a sysadmin may determine it is necessary to blacklist the IP. This includes both bad-faith actions intended to disrupt to site, as well as good-faith projects like a bot using the API for legitimate reasons because without notifying us beforehand, benign and malicious bots may appear indistinguishable and result in an unintended block despite good intentions.

If you intend to run a bot that could do this, please contact us beforehand by emailing

Intentional copyright infringement[edit | edit source]

If a user is determined to be intentionally violating our license, in addition to issuing DMCA takedown claims, Weird Gloop may blacklist your IP. This is generally only the case when the users doing this have been contacted and or are otherwise well informed that what they are doing is copyright violation, but they continue to do so anyway. This will be corroborated with internal tools.

Significant community disruption[edit | edit source]

If a user's actions within a community are determined significantly disruptive or negative enough to warrant complete removal from the site, blacklisting may be used. This will generally be in the most extreme cases only, and may be determined by consensus on Meta Wiki or locally. This is generally only for cases where the standard MediaWiki block is insufficient for whatever reason.

If you are caught in a global IP block[edit | edit source]

You will receive a message on every attempted page load that lets you know you are unable to access the site. Please email if you believe you are wrongfully caught in a block or wish to appeal. Once your request is received, depending on why the block was placed, it will be discussed with the appropriate parties to determine how to proceed.