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Suggested title: Google Analytics Access

The Weird Gloop family of wikis uses Google Analytics to track site traffic info.

Requesting access[edit | edit source]

Currently, any administrator on any Weird Gloop project may request access to Google Analytics by contacting User:Cook Me Plox (TODO: Only Cook or others too?) either on his talk page or on Discord. To receive access, you currently need to sign the Weird Gloop Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which will be given to you by Cook and email it to (TODO: Can this file just be uploaded to meta? Is that the appropriate email address?).

However just because you are not an administrator doesn't immediately disqualify you from access. Feel free to still contact Cook or any administrator to discuss what kind of information you need and why and we can see what can be arranged. (TODO: I think an informal discussion is the best starting point, but not sure if should mention possibly making a thread somewhere (meta, the appropriate wiki?))