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Blood-stained journal[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: Blood-stained journal
  • Examine: A diary of a Hosidius adventurer. Most of the pages are stained with blood and have become illegible.
  • Summary: A Hosidius adventurer returns to Great Kourend after many adventures in Varlamore, and nearly discovers how to create Arclight.

33 - 124[edit | edit source]

In my travels throughout the Shining Kingdom, I have bested many mighty creatures. From the Colossal Wyrm of the Avium Savannah to the Cloud Titan of Tempestus, I am proud to proclaim myself as a master slayer.

However, I have received news back home from a dear friend that the War of the Five Houses has ended, and I believe it is about time I return to Kourend. The war started from some petty squabble between the lords and ladies of the five Houses, and I do not regret leaving at all. My expertise lies in killing monsters, not my fellow man.

I shall sail to Land's End once night falls.

36 - 124[edit | edit source]

The trip back to Kourend was strangely quiet, as if the waves were intent on getting me home safely. I decide to set up camp in the woodlands before I return to Hosidius.

I wonder if my parents are still alive; did they survive the war? If they did, would they be glad to see me after all these years? I did not leave on the best terms, after all. They wished for me to remain a farmhand, while I was ambitious to go on my own adventures. They were not happy when they caught me leaving home in the middle of the night.

38 - 124[edit | edit source]

Somehow, even after the ravages of war, my old home remained intact, though the farm seems to have become much smaller. My mother was shocked to see me return, despite our last encounter. She told me father survived the war, but she tells me since its end, there have been abductions occurring in the middle of the night, and father was just abducted the night before my return.

Furthermore, she managed to strike the assailant with her kitchen knife, and tells me the blood was jet black. I have no doubts about it. The magic keeping the monsters in the Catacombs has begun to waver, and demons have begun to climb to the surface, abducting innocents.

I shall travel to Arceuus and investigate these occurrences.

40 - 124[edit | edit source]

While I make my way to a remote entrance to the Catacombs north of Arceuus, I look back on my jet black sword I acquired during my travels in Varlamore. I recall encountering a particularly nasty demon capable of summoning torrential rainstorms in the Avium Savannah.

Being requested by a group of dwarves underground to quell the demon's rage, they forged me a silver sword combined with some mystical metal, which they claimed was carefully tuned to greatly harm demons.

Using this silver sword, I slayed the demon with ease, but not before its blood permanently stained my sword black.

I may have use for this sword now.

42 - 124[edit | edit source]

Entering the Demon's Run, I find the Catacombs littered with dark, purple crystals, as if the creatures within broke them off into small shards for one reason or another. These shards seem to gravitate towards my sword like a magnet, as if wanting to be fused with it, but somehow unable to. I quickly shave them off my sword, believing it might dampen the sword's power.

Further into the Catacombs, I managed to slay several demons. One of them carried a particularly odd object, appearing to be a key of sorts, and oozes with the same power from the Dark Altar.

The key pulls me toward the centre of the Catacombs, where I saw a small altar with three prongs. Here, the key pulled even stronger towards it. Perhaps I am meant to place the key on this altar?

For now, I shall return to Arceuus and rest before trying to place that key.

43 - 124[edit | edit source]

I have made a big mistake.

I placed the key and was teleported into a large, empty chamber. I thought myself alone, until a large, dark demon made its presence known to me. I stabbed it with my sword, but it seemed to have no effect. Did the shards weaken it after all? Or was it too powerful for the sword to harm it? Before I could gather my thoughts, the demon grabbed me and threw me across the chamber, breaking my spine.

Before it could reach me, I spotted a portal in the corner of the room. I did not care where it led me, as long as it was far away from that demon.

I ended up right here, by the altar where I had placed that key. I continue to write in my diary, hoping someone would come to rescue me.

Look at me. A mighty adventurer, mortally wounded by that damned demon. As I feel myself slipping away, I continue to wonder. Why did those shards try attaching itself to my black sword? Perhaps they wished to empower the sword, rather than weaken it? I guess I'll never know.

Meingefn's Kingdom[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: Meingefn's kingdom
  • Examine: A very dusty book. It appears to be extremely old.
  • Summary: A history of the elven homeworld Tarddiad before Seren's arrival.

Long before Her arrival, the Clans of Tarddiad were once united into the Kingdom of Teyrnas by Meingefn Cywir, the Great King. The elves of the time briefly enjoyed a lifetime of peace until Meingefn's death, where his nine children then argued over who should take the throne. Each of them had aligned themselves with the Amlodd, the Cadarn, the Crwys, the Cywir, the Hefin, the Iorwerth, the Ithell, the Meilyr and the Trahaearn, seeking support from each of the nine Clans. It was decided as a compromise that the next Great King would be appointed by a vote of the people.

Meingefn's heirs gathered in the Heddwch town square for a public debate. Each of them were given a sufficient amount of time to pitch their plans for the kingdom, but it was merely a facade; the elves of each Clan had already collectively decided that they would vote for the heir who had aligned with their Clan, and it was not as if hearing each heirs plans would change their minds.

The election was to be held in the Palace of Breindal's massive garden, where accommodations have been made by the heirs to ensure every citizen of the kingdom, even those in the kingdom's outskirts, can safely travel to Heddwch to cast their vote. The election ran for a week, and the votes were tallied; the next Great King was decided to be Alun Meilyr.

The other siblings were not happy with the election's results, accusing the Meilyr Clan of rigging the election in secret in order to have Alun become Great King. The Iorwerth, being skilled slayers, and the Cadarn, renowned for their military prestige, took matters further and conspired together to kill Alun during his coronation speech.

Alun's death had caused the other Clans to further distrust one another, splitting Meingefn's kingdom back into a warring nine Clans and destroying much of Teyrnas, erasing it almost entirely out of existence. It was not until many decades later that the Clans would once again be united by Her arrival.

The Curse of Seren[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: The curse of seren
  • Examine:The cover is soaked with blood, but thankfully its contents remain unharmed.
  • Summary: A Trahaearn elf discovers the high price that comes with the Song of Creation.

Ever since those Cerddi priests started spreading the Song around Cysur, we have grown healthy and strong. But this gift came at a great cost, one whose price is too high. After a day away to gather precious ores I had contracted a severe fever and a feeling of heartbreak that left me unable to do much mining. I first believed that it was due to me overworking the past week smelting ores, but as soon as I returned to the village, to Seren, I suddenly felt reinvigorated, as if I never left.

Concerned that I might not be able to handle the mine so soon after I recovered, Cogydd offered to help cover for me the next day. I agreed without a thought.

Soon enough, she returns within the day empty handed, frantically crying to me, telling me she felt her heart split in two and appeared feverish, just like I was when I returned. But shortly, she too recovered as I have in Seren's presence. I am now certain of it - the Song of Creation and Seren are somehow connected to our illnesses.

I had tried to speak to the Cerddi priests but they told me it must be the mine that are causing our illnesses, not Seren. It can't be the mine causing our illness, I tell them; I've been making regular trips there for almost a decade without issue, and reassert them that there is a possibility Seren has caused this illness. They then asked me to leave, branding me a heretic for daring to question Seren's will.

That night, Seren visited me and Cogydd, hearing of our illnesses. She assured us that the priests will forgive me, and gave us a shard from her body that she claims will protect us from the illness in the mine.

The next day, both of us travelled to the mine to try and make up for lost time, intending to climb down to a deeper part of the mine in search for precious ore deposits. Though we did not contract the illness thanks to the shard, a small tremor caused a cave in and leaving us trapped in the mine.

The shard soon dimmed and stopped glowing, and we both begin to feel it. That damned heartbreak. That damned fever.

Cogydd was the first to go; by the third day, she had gone insane, crying out for Seren and failing to claw her way out of the rocks. She no longer acknowledges my presence nor my pleas for her to stop injuring herself; all she screams is "SEREN, LET ME RETURN TO YOU!" Screaming until she can no longer scream. Clawing her way out until her nails are no longer there. Eventually, she could no longer bear the pain. By Seren it hurts.

It is taking much of my energy and focus to write this, but someone must eventually be searching for us, and once they do, they too will know of the Curse of Seren that Cogydd and I have succumbed to.



Come to me.

It hurts.

The heartache.

The fever.