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I am Spineweilder. Find me on the RuneScape Wiki or the Old School RuneScape Wiki.

Look no further.

Another Slice of W.I.K.I.[edit | edit source]

  • Cook: -body. Is this thing on? Can you hear me - okay I hear me, great. So thanks everyone for coming, I'm really amazed we pretty much filled up this room with people who apparently care about the wiki? That feels...
  • Audience: Free stuff!
  • Cook: Feels pr- oh yeah people care about free stuff! YEAH, free stuff!!!
  • Audience applause
  • Cook: Alright, so this is kinda just a general talk about uh, about the RuneScape Wiki and the Old School RuneScape Wiki and uh, kinda what we've done over the last year, maybe how you could use it better uh, and we're gonna have a Q&A at the end, you can ask anything you want, as long as its not about microtransactions, 'cuz that's not... *chuckles* that's not us.
  • Audience chuckles while Spine mimics a crab
  • Cook: Alright, so um, the RuneScape Wiki is actually... I didn't actually realise this myself, it's- it's an extremely popular site, it's about the thousandth most popular website in the uh, in the United States. I think it's currently the, the biggest non-Wikipedia wiki in the world. Which is really weird to think about-
  • Mod Shauny enters the panel room
  • Spine: Mod Shauny... what's up!
  • Audience applause
  • Cook: He's uh, he's back from- did you burn the food? Or-
  • Mod Shauny: I wasn't gonna- I don't have a mic, do I just talk, or-
  • Spine gives Shauny mic
  • Mod Shauny: Oh, we'll have to share. Oh boy, okay, well I didn't cook, but I witnessed some massacre is the right word there. It's been um, it's been a delight, wasn't a mess at all.
  • Cook: That's so great.
  • Spine: Would you say- would you say it was a Chef's Delight?
  • Mod Shauny: A Chef's Delight?
  • Cook: Yikes.
  • Mod Shauny: *whispers* A Chef's Delight... *returns mic to Spine*
  • Cook: Anyway... so yeah there's- there's about 70,000 content articles between- between the two main wikis, and those have been contributed to by 400,000 editors, which I think is absolutely insane. I-I'm not really even sure that's possible. We've got about 300,000 users a day, uh, we've been tracking all of the countries that people visit from, and I'm not really sure how this is possible, but it says that we have visits from 236 countries, including North Korea!
  • Audience laughs
  • Cook: They visited the antifire potion page!
  • Audience laughs harder
  • Cook: Th- this is a true story! This is for real! Yeah, and uh, I mean- yeah, it's a big site, and just 'cause we didn't have anywhere- anywhere else to put it uh, people are curious about the most popular pages, uh Molly, what do we have?
  • Molly: I-I don't know... this was not- no...
  • Cook: Okay I-I'll-I'll say it I guess. So yeah, our most popular pages on uh, RS Wiki are Travelling Merchant's Shop, 'cause people kinda wanna see it literally every day. Money Making Guide, 'cause people want money. Uh, bunch of other general stuff. Spine, what do you have for Old School?
  • Spine: Uh, for the- for the highest is the uh, at three million is uh, Optimal Quest Guide, which actually I don't personally, I don't actually use 'cause I have a quest cape already and apparently-
  • Cook: BOO!!!
  • Spine: People really like it!
  • Gau Cho comes in and gives everyone a bottle of water
  • Spine: Oh yes. Hydration.
  • Cook: Hydration homies.
  • Spine laughs in embarassment, realising he just uttered that out.
  • Cook: Thank you.
  • Mod Shauny: So I-I've-
  • Gau Cho leaves, doing a forward somersault off the stage, prompting laughter from the audience.
  • Cook: Nice.
  • Mod Shauny: Don't trip on stage! Um, so I should mention actually that when it comes to this, of course um, the RuneScape as well has the /wiki command of course; we added it a couple of months back. Um, the reason why Travelling Merchant is so up- is so far up there as well is, it is a daily thing but also the abbreviation of "tms" I believe, right? Is that correct?
  • Cook: Tms, yeah, /wiki tms, yeah. We'll get there in a moment.
  • Mod Shauny: O-oh-sorry.
  • Cook: Shauny, pay attention!
  • Mod Shauny: mmmrrrrddd ahh I-I'm trying to-I'm trying to balance everything! But I mean, the numbers insane, right? I mean, it's just insane to see. What have we got?
  • Spine: Oh this is me.
  • Shauny gives Spine mic
  • Spine: So yeah, in case you've been living under a pet rock, we've moved away- *chuckles*
  • Cook: BOO!!!
  • Panel members chuckle while Shauny facepalms
  • Haidro (in audience): De-sysop!!
  • Spine: We've moved away from FANDOM last year to an ad-free, independent site supported by Jagex. The urls are, or for short, and, or for short.
  • Cook: There was actually a domain squatter on that second one, and we had to pay him a bunch of money to get the domain back.
  • Spine: Oh yeah, I remember that. Yeah so it's been a crazy year, and all that newfound freedom has led to tons of innovation that... we couldn't have done otherwise before working with Jagex, which includes... I don't know why i-it just went ahead there... which is dark mode!
  • Cook: WOO!!! Yeah!
  • Spine: Turn off the lights for... *chuckles* for extra effect. Uh, it's one of the most popular features, and the one most highly requested after we, after we went independent. And it's about 30% of players use it and have, have enabled. So, if this is news to you, and you hate really bright things, you can enable it- the on the top right, there's a moon icon on the top right and you can set it there.
  • Shauny asks Spine for the mic, and is given to him
  • Mod Shauny: S-sorry, I just wanna- actually I kinda wanna talk about it from a Jagex perspective, I guess in the whole wiki thing. So as you guys know, as I'm sure you're aware, many many years ago uh, we tried to do our own wiki which, obviously in retrospect wasn't the best idea. Uh, you guy- i-i-i-in that sense, you know it didn't work um, and it caused problems in-th-that didn't need to be there. Like, the resource the, the wiki provides players is incredible, so we, uh, had the opportunity last year to kind of fix that. And we thought, you know, uh, without trying to rant on FANDOM too much, but like why take people away-uh take them away from FANDOM where we can just let them decide how they want the wiki to run, because these guys have run the wiki for many years! These guys know their stuff, so why, why, you know, give them that freedom to do it instead of being imposed these limits and all the other stuff that's come up, like you know, one example was the uh, the videos autoplaying on the wiki articles, which were a little bit unrelated if I remember correctly?
  • Cook: Just a little tiny bit, yeah.
  • Mod Shauny: Um, and-
  • Spine: *cough* Zamik wizard.
  • Cook: Zamik wizard, that was a good one.
  • Mod Shauny: Yeah, and you know, just-just giving them the opportunity to finally... just go "do you know what, you guys are amazing, this is your platform, go and smash it. We'll give you any help we can, and you know, I think it's paying off and it's-it's amazing what the wiki has done for all players 'cause I think all players use it in some shape or form. So yeah, I just wanted to chime in from a Jagex perspective, I guess, in that one.
  • Cook: Also Shauny was the first beta tester of dark mode, ever, and he was just... yeah you lost your mind.
  • Mod Shauny: Yeah, I-I-I love dark mode, dark mode in on my apps, but yeah. I-I didn't realize I was the first one to use it-
  • Cook: No, no you were the first, yeah.
  • Mod Shauny: Oh okay, well, I'm-I'm honored in that regard.
  • Cook: All for you, bud.
  • Mod Shauny: *sighs* Oh, dear me. Well what do we got next?
  • Molly: So-
  • Powerpoint switches to /wiki command slide
  • Cook: Here we go!
  • Mod Shauny: Sorry.
  • Molly: So we also have the /wiki command, added a few months ago? So it's fairly new, thank you Shauny for your help with that. It's been used like hundreds of thousands of times; the most popular searches are: player owned farms, tms and you guys managed to do a lot of misspellings for Anachronia words, so good job on that. So, you can just search the wiki directly in game, so that's really great.
  • Mod Shauny: Yeah, so a bit of backstory on that one... um, so first of all I need to give all the credit- like the man who did it was Mod Easty, so he- I have to give him the credit for that like he was the guy who took it to in the option to then do that. Um, and the important thing to mention is that this isn't the end for what we can do with wiki integration, and that's the important thing to mention here. Like you have uh, /wiki, but we will always look to try and find out ways where we can have more integration, so maybe you don't wanna go and type, maybe you wanna press a button and maybe click something that takes you to a wiki page which might be much better compared to having to type it out, because sometimes it can be a little bit of a pain having to repeat that over and over. But uh, yeah, /wiki when we announced it, uh on a stream out of the blue, um I wanted these guys to announce it but they wanted me to announce it. Um, it went down really, really well and um, we're really proud of that opportunity that we've given them and allowing players to do that for themselves instead of having to just bring up the wiki and then type it in for them. Just one extra step less is the important thing here.
  • Cook: Okay, so my personal favourite thing that we've done in this last year is we got our hands on about 100 million kills worth of uh, drop data on both games. It was a kinda big collaborative effort where we basically had people on-on the RuneScape 3 side at least, submit their RuneMetrics kills uh, and got like a thousand people to do that and gave us a whole bunch of visibility into exact drop rates, and that's let us to do a ton of like bizzare statistical manipulations to figure out the exact fractions for, a-a large variety of-of-of different drops, and uh, this is now on I think a majority of monster pages on-on both sites. But we're not done; if-if anyone is like, super interested in this, and it turns out it seems a lot of people are, uh, let us know, talk to us afterwards, uh, we need a lot of help pretty much converting this raw data into things that can actually be fractions on the wiki.
  • Elessar: Yeah, I mean it's always helpful when we have uh, Jagex Mods who on Twitter or in a stream will either open thousands of monster drops, or actually give us the straight rates. That's always very helpful.
  • Mod Shauny: So, in the past, we've been quite guarded about it, but I feel like as time is going on, um, there's no harm in releasing drop rates, depending on when we release it. And that's the important thing, like we always want to double check with, I don't know, the content creators like for example, if you want to find out the drop rate of stuff from Solak, you'd wanna go to Mod Ramen, because you don't wanna just release it without him knowing because that's not fair on him. But you know, we love uh, appeal of finding out drop rates randomly, you know, getting that surprise drop but at the same time, some people just wanna know the drop rates and you know, we've-I mean recently we've really started to do that but I imagine we'll get onto that in just a bit as well.
  • Spine asks Shauny for the mic, and is given to him while the audience chuckles.
  • Spine: For the past like, few months we've been uh, keeping track of uh, exact locations of where items spawn in game, uh, that map is not supposed to-it's supposed to be the Farming Guild with the twisted bow but I think we changed that at the last minute.
  • Audience chuckles.
  • Cook: Yay... Jesus.
  • Spine: But yeah, we've been connecting the coordinates to interactive maps, uh, so expect to see this kind of thing on like, relevant item pages soon, and like, eventually, like NPCs, and like, other types of maps.
  • Cook: We might replace like, a lot of other maps too, so actually, it's basically Google Maps but for RuneScape. Yep, we'll see. Ayy, calculators!
  • Mod Shauny: Oh man!
  • Cook: Yeah, here we go-here we go, Shauny. So *chuckles* uh, it's been like a really good year for I think wiki calculators, we've got a lot of really interesting things done. One thing I really wanna call out right now is uh, we launched a- it's like a-a invention perk probability calculator like two weeks ago or something? That was an ordeal, wasn't it?
  • Cook chuckles
  • Mod Shauny: Okay... um, so you have to remember like- imagine, obviously we have all these different components, we have the ways that they're generated, and so on and so forth, but the important thing is there's so many different factors that go into it. For example, if you go read-if you've not read the page, when you first roll, it randomly chooses a number from zero to your Invention level, then divides it by two and does it five times to get a number, and that's your your base number which then goes into many different factors. So um, it was an ordeal, it was very- I'm going to say it was very tough to like, to get it down.
  • Cook: We actually- we-we got most of it on like, the first couple days; the thing that messed it up is Jagex uses this really weird sorting algorithm that on the wiki we call "Cursed sort". It's just-
  • Mod Shauny: Really?
  • Audience chuckles
  • Cook: Yeah we- it's terr- it doesn't make any sense! Uh, but yeah, we-we got it done, we figured it out, Shauny was obviously invaluable to uh, to all of that. And for-for any Jagex people in the room I would like to point out, if there is any... if there is any like, game mechanics that you wanna sorta elucidate to the community, and you don't wanna necessarily do all the legwork to figure out exactly how it works, then we're probably the people to talk to. I- you know, we can-we can do all the legwork to get uh, the exact rates, figure out whether it's you know, greater than or greater than equals, where the integer flooring happens, all this ridiculous stuff that ends up mattering in practice um, and we can actually make it into a cool calculator that people can use. So I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of collaboration to look forward on.
  • Cook: <inaudible>
  • Mod Shauny: I mean, the perk one, it was something that they've wanted for ages, like it's bec- like- the-the only reason we waited so long is because when it comes out, it ruins the whole sinking components thing to roll.
  • Cook: Yeah.
  • Mod Shauny: But you know, Invention's almost been out four years now, and everyone wants to go for those elusive perks, and they wanna see just how many times they wanna sink their components in, and like, you know, I think now is the right time to do it. So, you know, I gotta give a shoutout to uh, Timbo, Easty, uh, Ryan uh, yeah those three. Like, those three guys have been amazing in answering specific questions from me as I've been pestering them for it, but I mean you know, we're looking at it and it looks awesome. I'm really happy we could get that out and that's the important thing, really. And obviously we have additional ones as well, like Slayer Codex. The ushabti one was good fun as well.
  • Cook: Oh yeah. Y-ye-yeah, herb farming was a big one.
  • Mod Shauny: Yeah, the farming- yeah.
  • Cook: Yeah. It was Easty too, actually.
  • Cook and Shauny chuckle
  • Mod Shauny: Bit of a pattern here!
  • Cook: Yeah.
  • Elessar: Okay, so we also recently released a bestiary and an armoury. And both of these are basically tables that you can sort and filter by item or monster uh, stats, attributes and properties so that you can show all the monsters with Slayer level over 90 for example. Or all the body slot items that are over tier 80 and are Magic. So that's very helpful if you are trying to um, figure out the ideal monster that you wanna kill for XP for example, or um, the optimal item for a slot for one of your setups.
  • Cook: Okay, so I-this wouldn't be a RuneFest talk if I didn't mention Doogle Maps, which is our uh *chuckles* it's-it's-it's kinda in beta test, it's-it's this thing we're working on that pretty much lets you put in Point A and Point B, and kinda selects some teleports, and will tell you the provably optimal route from one point to the other in terms of- in terms of time taken. Um, yeah, so its Doogle Maps because it's like Google Maps but if we called it... tha- I mean they might sue us though, we're not really sure.
  • Elessar and Shauny chuckle
  • Cook: So yeah-
  • Mod Shauny: You're on your own on that one, sorry!
  • Cook: Yeah, okay!
  • Cook chuckles
  • Cook: So we-we like kind of half-announced this last year uh, it ended up-it ended up being really hard, so I'm gonna just say coming- can we say Winter 2017? Is that allowed? Okay, yeah, com-
  • Everyone laughs
  • Mod Shauny: Sure. *groans*
  • Cook: Okay, yeah, that's all.
  • Elessar: Alright, so um we want to highlight a couple things that are upcoming on the wiki, that were in the process of working on, especially related to personalization, um, how the wiki can be optimized for your own use. Um, so one of the main things we've done recently has been uh, player-specific data. For example, all the quests now have a box at the top where you can enter your username and assuming that your uh, RuneMetrics profile is not private, it will load which quests you've completed and your levels and it will tell you if you can or cannot start the quest. And it also works with um, the suggested requirements that aren't actual requirements. Uh, and we're working on expanding this to the Old School side, and we'd also like to be able to include um, other um, data such as your Achievements and miniquests and partially completed quests, things like that. Of course, that's something that we also have to work with Jagex on 'cause a lot of that is not currently available via API. Now a huge project I've been working on that-
  • Cook: This guy's been working on.
  • Elessar: Yeah, okay, mo-mostly me I guess. Um, is a DPS calculator. So, you enter your username or your combat stats, and you can choose a load-out. So you can choose items for all the slots, including pocket slots, you can choose um, abilities such as the, what used to be sigils that are now abilities or Berserker, stuff like that. You can choose auras, um, potions, prayers, and then it will calculate your damage and your hit chance on a given monster, and also the monsters- your chance of blocking a monster's attack, and it will also calculate damage for any ability as well as general uh, auto-attack damage. Uh, we'd like to expand it to Old School, which should be a lot easier. Uh, this version is over 7-no, 6,770 lines of code roughly, of which half is the calculator. So, it's extremely complex; I do not want to know what the actual RuneScript looks like to calculate damage!
  • Mod Shauny: I'm not saying a thing! I haven- *stammers* I don't know specifically, so I don't wanna act like it's in horror or something like that; that wouldn't be wise!
  • Elessar: Um, yeah. That's basically that. *chuckles* so, look forward to this coming soon. Right now it's only for logged in users, you can act- turn it on 'cause it in it's beta test. A huge shout out to chi_pa_pa, who wrote the original RuneScape 3 uh, hit calculator which was a Google Sheet. And also Shadowfox who should be watching on stream, who did a lot of the testing and worked out um, specific damage related things and stuff like that.
  • Spine: Yeah, so for- we know a lot of people have been complaining about our money making guides because uh, the-often the kills per hour is like, not accurate to you, so... yeah. Uh, it doesn't reflect your kills per hour because you might be-you might be like, a level 3 in bronze armour or a max guy in Bandos. So, uh, so there isn't really a rate that works for everyone so we've always just assumed like, the average rate-
  • Cook: It's an unsolvable problem in general... *chuckles*
  • Spine: Yeah, which is solvable if you do-if we allow you to put your own kills per hour! So you can set it to like, 20, or 73. So-
  • Cook sighs at the bad attempt of a joke
  • Spine: Yeah, uh, we-we will d-probably gonna start putting this into skill guides soon, so yeah, it's pretty much-it's cool.
  • Elessar: One of the other things we're working on doing is um, browser notifications. I'm sure a lot of you know them; there's a lot of sites that are super annoying and ask you all f-every five minutes if you wanna get notifications from them. Uh, we want to do this on the wiki, where you'd have to-
  • Cook: <inaudible>
  • Elessar: Opt into it first. No, it wouldn't automatically show up. You'd have to go in and check a box that you wanna get them. And then, um, we'd make available things um, like, uh, farming and ports voyage timers, you could say I have a voyage that's completing in 9 hours and then your browser would give you a notification from the wiki. Um, Voice of Seren, so you get updates on what the current Voice of Seren is, uh, which player-owned farm buyers have spawned, um, which resets have occured, things like that.
  • Elessar: Those of you who currently use the wiki will know that a lot of our- the light tables, which are these green things. You could check off Achievements or um, the quests-
  • Cook: Optimal quest guide.
  • Elessar: Yeah, the optimal quest guide, things like that. And also all the calculator data, it's stored in your browser so you can just use cookies and local data which are specific to a browser. Which means that if you have multiple browsers on your computer, or if you switch to your phone or your tablet, it doesn't sync across. So one of the things that we're working on doing is creating a sync so it syncs your user account, so that you can do it on your computer. And then if you're on the go or something, you can open on your tablet and sync it over, and you'll have all those things already completed.
  • Cook: Um, so a-as we kinda noted earlier, the most popular page on the entire combined site is the optimal quest guide. And what that sort of made us realize is a lot of people really wanna be told what to do!
  • Audience chuckles
  • Cook: Which is, kinda weird but it-but it's definitely true and we think there's a whole giant space out there where we can give player-specific recommendations on, you know, you have one more level to go before you can do this quest, or hey, all of a sudden you can finish this Achievement Diary and get that Runecrafting lever-level that you hate so much. There's uh, there's a lot of things we can do in-in that area where-it's kinda it's-it's a very nebulous thing right now and it definitely will require a lot of collaboration between us and Jagex if we end up really doing it in a big way. Uh, probably won't look like our AI assistant, Crabby, who we had for April Fools. I know a lot of people want him to come back. He'll be back in a big way, but not quite there. Oh yeah, te-sorry, uh Star is telling me that technically you can still enable him if you go into your Preferences. I-I have-he's still there for me. It gets kind of annoying. Yeah, okay.
  • Audience chuckles
  • Elessar: Alright, so one of the things we wanted to highlight is all of the data we have on the wiki and how you can adv- take advantage of that either on the wiki itself, or on your own sites, apps, whatever you wanna use. So um, some of the available data we have would be uh, items and monster stats, GE prices - eleven years worth of them, drop rates, um, store stocks and prices, release dates, transcripts, images, quest requirements, skilling activities, achievements, xp, game mechanics to some extent, um, all those kinds of things are currently available on the wiki and we have uh, pretty good access to a lot of other data too, so if there's those of you who want to do some project and there's some data that we don't have currently on the wiki, uh, come talk to us, we can probably arrange to have that data available to you.
  • Molly: So, you have your own userspace, when you have an account on the wiki, and really you can just do anything there. You can write about anything, you can be writing- we have a guy who wrote- who writes a diary every year for RuneFest, he goes on, it's like this huge long story that goes into great detail about everything he did during the day. You could also do suggestions, guides, uh, calculators, goals if you want to track achievements, if you want to plan your player-owned house, if you want to plan the outfits using all the images we've got. Um, for example we've got Suity who did the Mining and Smithing rework guide, he did that. He did that all in his user space! And you could also use css and JavaScript to customize and make your own... so.
  • Cook: Yeah, I'd also add that *chuckles* there's like one specific user on the OSRS Wiki that has been like, updating his stats on there like, judiciously every day for the past like, five years and we're all super invested in like, all the goals that he gets. It's-it's really cute. That's all.
  • Audience chuckles
  • Molly: So, for example, we have this guy- I don't know his name, but he made the site, and he downloaded all of the detailed images from the wiki. You pick a colour, and it gives you all the best items that are gonna match with that colour for max fashionscape.
  • Cook: Yeah... Oh yeah! So yeah, this is, as you all hopefully know, a wiki is a thing that anyone-anyone can edit. We don't get to 400,000 contributors without having a very low standard for *chuckles* for who can access it. Uh, and you know we-we really, really, really love new people, and there's I see, over a hundred people in this room. I know a lot of you are wiki editors, but even if you're not, uh, it really only takes one person to make a really significant difference on-on the site for literally hundreds of thousands of people. So for example these quick guides that everyone knows and loves, uh, for-for-for quests, that was just some-some random person from New Zealand who hadn't really done that much contribution to the site before, was like hey what if had guides that were just bullet points, 'cause I don't wanna read all this useless stuff. *chortles* s-sorry Jack! *chuckles* An-*chuckles* and uh, and everyone was like "Oh! That's actually a really good idea! Lets-lets-lets do that!" So all the buy limits on the wiki, that was just like, one person going back and forth spending like hundreds of millions of coins figuring out the exact buy limits for everything in like, 2012. It was me, actually, but uh-
  • Audience laughs
  • Cook: But uh *chuckles* but yeah, so like you know, what's your idea? You uh- there's tons of things that we almost certainly haven't thought about. Anything, anyone here could contribute something really massive to the site, and it gives back huge dividends to everyone else.
  • Molly: Yeah, so we've also got various incentives in case we haven't convinced you already. We've got One Small Wiki Favour, which is basically, you choose a project to complete. That could be making calculators, doing image transparency, collecting data... once you complete that, you get a bond. Um, we've also got the Wikian title, so, once you get edi- once you- once you do some edits, you can get nominated, you can get the title from editing either wiki, Old School or RS3, and we've got about over 300 people given out so far so-
  • Cook: Shout out to Shauny for like, doing that.
  • Molly: Yeah.
  • Mod Shauny: Thanks. Um...
  • Audience laughs
  • Mod Shauny: I-I just wanna uh, clarify like, why-wh-why-why and then this is before the partnership happened, like this was just on a conversation on a whim. Like, I feel like yeah, people will- it is just a title but at the same time, there are very passionate people about the wiki, and they don't have a way of showing that in game, and a title is a little thing, but it is a way of showing that you know, they have made the effort to create and contribute to a knowledge base which our players use, and that's the most important thing for me. So yeah, I'm glad that we were able to get that through, um, because I feel like you know, something like that is only a small recognition, but having that in-game is like, Jagex's way of saying you know, we appreciate the effort you guys are making on that wiki, and that's the important thing for me, really.
  • Molly: But lastly, we are not just you know, wiki editors, we are a large group of friends. Um, we did just come back from Gran Canaria before RuneFest, so that's-that's about 20 of us here. So, you know we don't bite, come join our Discord, come say hi, so yeah. We all have this shared interest in this rather niche thing.
  • Cook: Arguably!
  • Molly: So, yeah! Come say hi, join-
  • Cook: Spine, why did we go the Gran Canaria?
  • Spine: Oh, that's because uh, it's shaped like the granite shield!
  • Cook: Yeah, we literally were like "Where should we go?" and I like, as a meme, suggested "Lets go to the granite shield island!" and then no one had a better idea, so then-so then we went there.
  • Audience chuckles
  • Spine: Yeah! There's-there's a mountain on the island that's called-
  • Cook: Oh yeah, there's a mountain called Mount Nieve!
  • Spine: It's called "Pico de las Nieves"!
  • Cook: Shh, I'm calling it Mount Nieve!
  • Spine: It's like- on-on the granite shield, it's like that little thing in the middle-thing in the middle, it's like that's where the mountain would be.
  • Cook: Yeah, it's the little, little <inaudible> thing.
  • Cook: Yeah, okay. Oh yeah, this one is next. Oh yeah! This is supposed to be the other way, but that's okay. Um, so one last thing is if you're kind of part of a niche community that is an expert on, I don't know, Barbarian Assault, or PvM mechanics, or okay- yeah, I got something back there. Or you know, ultimate ironmen, or like, the-the-the guys that speedrun all of the free-to-play quests, those guys are insane. Um, we would absolutely love to work with you on uh, guides on mechanics pages, on uh, just anything like that. We really wanna expand the- our coverage of really detailed niche content, and we can't do it on our own, 'cause we just- yeah *chortles* we need some help. So, yeah we'd love to work together, if-if that appeals to you, uh, contact us! And yeah, that's-that's it! Thanks for coming, I'm-again-amazed that we filled up this room, I don't know how many people are watching this on the stream, I'm sure its a reasonably large number *chuckles* okay, it's pretty good. Uh, yeah so, this is- we have how much time do we have- I don't know, we have 20 minutes maybe? Um, yeah, let's- questions? Anyone have questions about anything?
  • Elessar: Suggestions for the wiki?
  • Cook: Suggestions, complaints, rants?
  • Mod Shauny: Drop rates?
  • Cook: Drop rates.
  • Mod Shauny: Just a m-
  • Audience: Zalcano drop rates?
  • Cook: Wha-what did you say?
  • Audience: Zalcano drop rates.
  • Mod Shauny: Zalcano drop rates? I mean, we'd have to-
  • Spine: That would be up to Mod Lenny, 'cause he's the one who made it, so.
  • Mod Shauny: He is here.
  • Cook leaves the stage and gives the mic to the audience
  • Spine: Yeah. So, if you wanna find h- if you know Mod Lenny, you could just... track him down!
  • Mod Shauny: We've got a roaming mic now, oh here we go!
  • No questions from the audience for five seconds
  • Mod Shauny: Okay well, in the meantime, um, if- I mean if there's no questions that means these guys have covered a lot of stuff, which is great. Um, I guess a bit of a personal one from me, which is, um, at the-you know, the two wikis themselves are incredible in what they do. They have their own dedicated fans, and that's the important thing, but you know, I guess on behalf of Jagex, I just wanna say like, you guys are absolutely amazing at what you do. And you know, you guys have done this for what is it now, 15 years, correct?
  • Cook: Uh, yeah. 14 is-15 next year. Yeah.
  • Mod Shauny: 15 next year. Apologies. Yeah, 14 years, 15 years coming up. I mean, and I feel like in retrospect, all the stuff that happened, all those years ago, shouldn't have happened, and I feel like we're in such a much better place now.
  • Cook: Hey man, we're here now!
  • Mod Shauny: Yeah, th-th-I know right? We're on stage, talking about events. So that's fine, but I mean, you know, you guys deserve all the support.
  • Cook: Well I mean, it literally wouldn't have happened without Shauny. None of this would have happened.
  • Haidro (in audience): WOO!
  • Cook: Woo!
  • Audience applause
  • Mod Shauny: But yeah, I mean it-it's been amazing, and I-I think it's great just to see the results of stuff that have come from it, I mean, it's awesome man, and we'll go from strengh to strengh to strengh, and I mean for Ja- like if anyone from Jagex at home is watching this, or watches back, whatever, like talk to these guys. Like, these guys wanna help, and if you guys wanna- I know for a fact everyone at Jagex is passionate about their own projects, but if you guys wanna get stuff rolling, speak to the wiki, 'cause those guys can make it happen. And uh yeah, that's the uh, that's the important thing, really. But yeah, it's been amazing, so yeah, thank you for having me.
  • Cook: Of course, gotta do it. Alright, thanks guys!
  • Mod Shauny: Thank you!
  • Cook: And... scene.

Katibu's papyri[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: Katibu's papyri
  • Examine: Some documents enchanted with preservation magic to prevent decay.
  • Summary: The Royal Scribe’s compilation of events during Osmumten’s rule as Pharaoh.

Preface[edit | edit source]

I, Katibu, the Pharaoh’s Royal Scribe, have been instructed by Pharoah Yakhun to compile my writings that document the events that have occurred in recent years, to be preserved in the Tomb of the Father.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

…How can this be? Nearly all of the Stern Judges have abandoned us and have joined the Ruinous Powers. Without them, the Dark Imperator has resumed his campaign. Even with the few loyal Stern Judges that remain in Icthlarin’s service, nothing is stopping their advance southwards.

The gods have arranged a meeting, with Pharaoh Osmumten in attendance. As someone who’s watched him grow, he certainly has done well in the short time since he became Pharaoh. Senliten would surely be proud; it’s said that he visits her tomb in the mastaba regularly to speak with her. Metaphorically, I’m sure.

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

…It was just four days ago that I witnessed the great ball of fire in the sky. It was blinding, so bright that it is only now as I write this that my sight is recovering.

Pharaoh Osmumten had instructed a regiment of scouts to survey the battlefield where the explosion had happened. They returned, in horror, to inform him that there were no remains of our troops, except two Stern Judges that survived and witnessed Tumeken's great sacrifice. We scarcely could believe what we were hearing; Tumeken, in his final moments, wiped out the Ruinous Powers in a massive blast, at the cost of himself and nearly half our empire. The Plains of Uzer. The Ullek Forest. The Bedabin hunting grounds. All now a ruined desert.

Guidance[edit | edit source]

…With the vast desert now standing between us and the Ruinous Powers, the Dark Imperator has ended his campaign, and what little of their troops remained had retreated. With such losses, we can scarcely call this a victory. Without the guidance of Tumeken, Pharaoh Osmumten called out to the four avatars in the hopes of gaining their support and guidance, to which they offered much of it. Elidinis later appeared before us, requesting the royal family to conceal the weapons of our gods before leaving to mourn the death of her husband.

The royal court debated on whether to use them to defend what remains of our empire, or to respect Elidinis’ wishes and hide them away. Knowing Osmumten, it was clear as day what the consensus was.

Loss[edit | edit source]

…Construction of Menaphos and Sophanem is finally complete. Pharaoh Osmumten has done a stellar job of guiding us in the years since the Great Sacrifice. His strength inspired our people to survive, and we were slowly recovering.

Tragically, Pharaoh Osmumten and his family died of dysentery a few years later. We believed it to be caused by a contaminated water supply to the palace. Without the Chosen of Tumeken, we were left without our gods, and our Pharaoh. However, one man, Yakhun, stepped up to the challenge.

As Pharaoh, Yakhun wished to honour the bloodline of Senliten by building a necropolis south-east of Menaphos, one that would withstand the sands of time. This very document will soon be enchanted to ensure it remains preserved in the Tomb of the Father, as a testament to Pharaoh Osmumten’s rule.

The usurper Yakhun has specifically requested that I omit the details regarding what he called his “ascension”. It is perhaps then fortunate that he has complete faith in me for this task, as what follows is the true account of events.

Truth[edit | edit source]

Even after we rebuilt our empire with what remained of it, there were many who blamed Pharaoh Osmumten for the loss of their lands. Ignorant of what the meaning of Tumeken’s sacrifice for his faithful was. What we would have become under the rule of the Dark Imperator.

These dissenters soon began questioning the Pharaoh’s right to rule, and slowly poisoned the mind of the people with doubt and contempt for him, while they continued plotting within the shadows. Chief of these dissenters was Yakhun the usurper.

Yakhun had arranged for an assassin, who had infiltrated the palace as a royal guard, to put a swift end the bloodline of Senliten. Were it not for Pharaoh Osmumten’s foresight, the royal bloodline might truly have ended.

Mehhar, son of Pharaoh Osmumten, managed to escape from the palace thanks to the sacrifice of his father’s servants. I know not where he fled to, but I will take steps to ensure that the legacy and bloodline of Tumeken’s Chosen remains preserved within the empire in some form.

Yakhun believes I am loyal to him, the Pharoah. That cannot be further from the truth. I am loyal to the bloodline of Senliten, the true Chosen of Tumeken. The truth I write here may be forever buried in the Tomb of the Father, but if Mehhar has survived the trials of the harsh, unforgiving desert, he shall in time succeed Osmumten, as is his destiny.

Meranek's notes[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: Meranek's notes
  • Examine: Some notes detailing a plan to defeat a creature the writer calls the "Spirit Beast".
  • Summary: The origin of the Corporeal Beast for Old School RuneScape, which details how the Summer's End quest from RuneScape transpires without the player. Some of the text are taken from transcripts of the two Summer quests, as well as some other information to accommodate the lack of the player's involvement. It probably would be obtained just outside the Corp's cave, near the portal. The ending suggests that Meranek did decide to tear up his notes, and thus the notes manifested in the real world, just like the Corp did.

It has been almost four hundred years since we've been trapped in this realm. We were supposed to pass on to the afterlife once those bandits killed us at the Bonde family farm. Instead, we found our souls slowly consumed by the Spirit Beast. The first few weeks... we could do nothing but scream from agony. The pain, constant and horrible. But, sad to say, we've almost become used to it now.

I have a devised a plan to defeat the Beast, but it will require the help of Jallek and Erik. The roots inside the caverns just south-east of the farm burn with a supernatural intensity. I am confident that the Beast's vision will not be able to distinguish between these fires and a soul, drawing it towards them.

I shall burn these roots by the entrance and lure it inside, after which Jallek and Erik will light up the entire cavern with these fires to surprise it. I will then attempt to strike its chest through its armour, where it stores the energy of the souls it devours.

Once the Beast's chest plate has been broken, the dark energy core - the corrupted energies of the souls the Beast has devoured - should now be vulnerable. I will act as bait to lure the core out, while Erik digs holes to trap it.

While the Beast is occupied with retrieving the trapped core, Jallek will cast a weakening spell at its head. This should hopefully damage it enough to allow us to directly harm it with holy power.

Now, the biggest flaw of this plan rears its ugly head; holiness is something the Beast has long since drained from our souls, and the Spirit Realm is severely lacking in holy power.

There are two ways for this plan to work, assuming we somehow manage to get this far.

The first will require a blessed weapon that can channel both holy power and spirits of the deceased, and discharge the energy towards the Beast.

The second, which is much more difficult, is to return to our graves and have a devout soul bless them. I believe this will temporarily strengthen our souls and give us the necessary power to strike the Beast.

~~The rest of the notes appear to be missing, but one last entry can be found:~~

Praise Saradomin! The Spirit Beast has been vanquished, and, after hundreds of years, we are finally free of its torment! To be sure its evil aura is firmly trapped, we shall seal this cave forever more.

With the Beast no longer keeping us trapped here, we can finally die. Perhaps we can finally see Jennica and Gargon once more; I'm sure Summer can't wait to see her mother too. Erik suggests that I destroy these notes, since they would have no use for anyone here.

Meingefn's Kingdom[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: Meingefn's kingdom
  • Examine: A very dusty book. It appears to be extremely old.
  • Summary: A history of the elven homeworld Tarddiad before Seren's arrival.

Long before Her arrival, the Clans of Tarddiad were once united into the Kingdom of Teyrnas by Meingefn Cywir, the Great King. The elves of the time briefly enjoyed a lifetime of peace until Meingefn's death, where his nine children then argued over who should take the throne. Each of them had aligned themselves with the Amlodd, the Cadarn, the Crwys, the Cywir, the Hefin, the Iorwerth, the Ithell, the Meilyr and the Trahaearn, seeking support from each of the nine Clans. It was decided as a compromise that the next Great King would be appointed by a vote of the people.

Meingefn's heirs gathered in the Heddwch town square for a public debate. Each of them were given a sufficient amount of time to pitch their plans for the kingdom, but it was merely a facade; the elves of each Clan had already collectively decided that they would vote for the heir who had aligned with their Clan, and it was not as if hearing each heirs plans would change their minds.

The election was to be held in the Palace of Breindal's massive garden, where accommodations have been made by the heirs to ensure every citizen of the kingdom, even those in the kingdom's outskirts, can safely travel to Heddwch to cast their vote. The election ran for a week, and the votes were tallied; the next Great King was decided to be Alun Meilyr.

The other siblings were not happy with the election's results, accusing the Meilyr Clan of rigging the election in secret in order to have Alun become Great King. The Iorwerth, being skilled slayers, and the Cadarn, renowned for their military prestige, took matters further and conspired together to kill Alun during his coronation speech.

Alun's death had caused the other Clans to further distrust one another, splitting Meingefn's kingdom back into a warring nine Clans and destroying much of Teyrnas, erasing it almost entirely out of existence. It was not until many decades later that the Clans would once again be united by Her arrival.

The Curse of Seren[edit | edit source]

  • Item name: The curse of seren
  • Examine:The cover is soaked with blood, but thankfully its contents remain unharmed.
  • Summary: A Trahaearn elf discovers the high price that comes with the Song of Creation.

Ever since those Cerddi priests started spreading the Song around Cysur, we have grown healthy and strong. But this gift came at a great cost, one whose price is too high. After a day away to gather precious ores I had contracted a severe fever and a feeling of heartbreak that left me unable to do much mining. I first believed that it was due to me overworking the past week smelting ores, but as soon as I returned to the village, to Seren, I suddenly felt reinvigorated, as if I never left.

Concerned that I might not be able to handle the mine so soon after I recovered, Cogydd offered to help cover for me the next day. I agreed without a thought.

Soon enough, she returns within the day empty handed, frantically crying to me, telling me she felt her heart split in two and appeared feverish, just like I was when I returned. But shortly, she too recovered as I have in Seren's presence. I am now certain of it - the Song of Creation and Seren are somehow connected to our illnesses.

I had tried to speak to the Cerddi priests but they told me it must be the mine that are causing our illnesses, not Seren. It can't be the mine causing our illness, I tell them; I've been making regular trips there for almost a decade without issue, and reassert them that there is a possibility Seren has caused this illness. They then asked me to leave, branding me a heretic for daring to question Seren's will.

That night, Seren visited me and Cogydd, hearing of our illnesses. She assured us that the priests will forgive me, and gave us a shard from her body that she claims will protect us from the illness in the mine.

The next day, both of us travelled to the mine to try and make up for lost time, intending to climb down to a deeper part of the mine in search for precious ore deposits. Though we did not contract the illness thanks to the shard, a small tremor caused a cave in and leaving us trapped in the mine.

The shard soon dimmed and stopped glowing, and we both begin to feel it. That damned heartbreak. That damned fever.

Cogydd was the first to go; by the third day, she had gone insane, crying out for Seren and failing to claw her way out of the rocks. She no longer acknowledges my presence nor my pleas for her to stop injuring herself; all she screams is "SEREN, LET ME RETURN TO YOU!" Screaming until she can no longer scream. Clawing her way out until her nails are no longer there. Eventually, she could no longer bear the pain. By Seren it hurts.

It is taking much of my energy and focus to write this, but someone must eventually be searching for us, and once they do, they too will know of the Curse of Seren that Cogydd and I have succumbed to.



Come to me.

It hurts.

The heartache.

The fever.