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Striken-through are resolved.

Common[edit | edit source]

  1. Reader mode menu: Copy fix from OSW to all other wikis
  2. Sticky header: Weird shadow in tabs as of 1.36 (uses wrong selector now). Copy fix from OSW to all other wikis.
  3. Tables in mobile are 100% width'd so the wikitable bg would look as if it is stretched (minerva just doesn't set one for it, maybe remove the bg colour althogether)
  4. Transition property on intmaps buttons has raw less vars. May need server side config. - Fixed
  5. Tabber doesn't look the same on mobile (with the exception of OSW)
  6. catlinks
  7. Q: Do we really not want to use IBM Plex Sans on mobile? It currently uses system-ui.

RSW[edit | edit source]

  1. Dark mode:
    1. Discord sidebar isn't white (!important is the culprit)
    2. Opacity on .autocomment found on page history causes it to appear on top of the sticky bar at the top
    3. More saturated(?) or lighter OOUI window colours compared to OSW (notably in VE)
    4. White Rev slider border
    5. RC Sidebar widget: weird diff/contrib link colour
    6. selected Tab colour is using link colour instead of text colour (another !important wtf??)
  2. Mobile:
    1. Headers literally don't use the wiki's serif fonts as of 1.37
    2. Some infoboxes overflow out of content area (e.g. rsw:Template:Infobox Achievement), quest check gadget is the problem here
    3. Random templates that have a fixed width set, often higher than mobile viewport
    4. Over-specific link styles (leftover from before 1.36 migrat)
    5. Consistent theming with OSW? (header bg is adjusted but not footer + hell lot of possibly unstyled/odd looking templates rsw:Template:Speaksin rsw:Template:Variant)
    6. Images shrinking into nothingness in tables (carry over fix from OSW)
    7. use .hatnote class for hatnote templates
  3. Mobile dark mode:
    1. Pending work on convertion to use css vars
  4. RC Sidebar widget: Show more is right-aligned but everything in the sidebar is left-aligned
  5. Use generic .infobox class instead of .rsw-infobox
  6. Double <blockquote> border-left
  7. personal links bar icons are inconsistent: translucent black for alerts/notifs, gray for User: link, lighter gray for event, calendar, and skin switcher !?
  8. misaligned "More" menu arrow icon
  9. "More" menu border is really dark; probably wasn't like this pre-1.36, and the selector was never changed
  10. what is body.wgl-darkmode-transition about
  11. FOUC-ish border beneath h2: It is made hidden in the site css (why though?), then made hidden a second time by the sectionAnchors gadget and then fakes out another border as its replacement (can carry over fix from OSW)
  12. Why use text color for links inside ToCs when they're links?

OSW[edit | edit source]

  1. Check font styles for desktop (and on reader mode); also, prev it applied to mobile but not anymore (may look at it so it looks the same as before) - False alarm, looks like nothing changed
  2. Mobile:
    1. No Transcript styling - Fixed: osrsw:MediaWiki:Minerva.less/transcripts.less (separated the styles for desktop and mobile as a result)
    2. Infobox Bonuses looks trash when there's no equip pic.
    3. ~130kb CSS, is it large? Do we want to put some effort to reducing it?
    4. Since main page now uses common.css, some of the media queries meant to adjust margins and/or hide some tiles on desktop are now applied to mobile (e.g. 3rd update tile is almost always hidden). May look into separating them based on skin.
  3. Mobile dark mode:
    1. Some Messagebox variations styling: font color and some missing bg/border adjustments
    2. osrsw:Template:Equipment this and similar templates don't get any image background for some reason?
    4. .warningbox unstyled - .warning box, .errorbox, and .successbox are now varified
  4. Brownify OOUI buttons one day?
  5. personal links problem like RSW: brown-ish skin switcher and userpage icon but translucent black for others - Fixed, all now use #4c4c4c

PTRSW[edit | edit source]

  1. Same as RSW in lots of things
  2. Mobile doesnt have much styling (has stuff conflicting with common too (see main page))

RSCW[edit | edit source]

  1. No mobile css whatsoever (currently common.css is applied to it which is meant for desktop only, weell most of it)
  2. Dark mode switch is there but there's no darkmode css (may look into a lazy invert on .mw-body and call it a day)

Meta[edit | edit source]

  1. No