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2021-10-15[edit | edit source]

  • Cook, Kitty, Andrew arrive
  • Cook: discussed webserver connectivity issues on Vindicta. Not yet resolved.

2021-10-16[edit | edit source]

  • Steve, Riblet arrive
  • Riblet: Plan for CSS work
    • 1. Copy the current site css as an archive for IE
    • 2. Replace all color references with variables
    • 3. Add local css variable overrides to replicate dark mode
  • Cook: Figured out how to solve the IE CSS issue
    • Cleared up resources on chisel
    • Changed cache time for articles
    • Discussion about caching resourceloader calls
  • Kitty: Added patches to get MW Docker images up to date with the latest for 1.36
    • Built dockers and PHP dependencies

2021-10-17[edit | edit source]

  • Kitty: Handling PHP dependencies
    • Testing 1.31 to 1.35 database migration
    • Testing full migration of individual wikis
  • Cook: Fixed IE CSS rendering, serves separate file
    • Modifications to cloudflare worker to fix IE serving; optimizations to HTML streams
    • Researched GKE autopilot
  • Andmcadams: Removed incompatible LESS preprocessor functions
  • Riblet+Andmcadams: Working through subpages to extract css variables
  • Steve: Theme page

2021-10-18[edit | edit source]

  • Andmcadams+Riblet: About half done pulling out colors to variables across .less subpages, plus additional css cleanups.
  • Cook: Fixed an issue with transcoding .ogg files with Kitty.
    • Dealt with Bingbot ignoring robots.txt
    • Speed testing new setup of 1.36 and GCP
  • Kitty: Got test wikis up for classic, meta, and old school.
    • Test run database migrations done for those 3.
  • Steve: Worked on recent changes sidebar.

2021-10-19[edit | edit source]

  • Steve departs
  • Cook: Worked on fixing kartographer extension. Merged about 2000 lines of changes.
    • Attempting to test Kartographer in 1.36
  • Kitty: Images work on test site.
    • Secrets are correctly handled.
    • Docker and k8s config committed on gitlab.
    • Unblocked the CSS work for Andmcadams and Riblet now that the testing sites are live.
  • Andmcadams+Riblet: Finished pulling out css vars on subpages.
    • Started work on mandatory post-migration CSS on OSW. Upstream changes from MW include class name changes, element restructuring, base skin css changes, etc.
    • Documented long list of regressions that are blocking the migration.

2021-10-20[edit | edit source]

  • Kitty: Pt-br RS wiki works now. Issue was with some order-dependent MW scripts.
    • Imported runescape so rs-dev now works.
    • Fixed storage of secrets on k8s.
    • Python installed on backends which enables syntax highlighting.
  • Cook: Kartographer working.
    • Started testing on database migration slowness.
    • Made a high level list of remaining steps to be done.
    • Recruited Jayden/Gaz to work on rs-dev regressions.
  • Andmcadams+Riblet: Lots of progress on CSS/JS regressions (doc).
    • Major components look good, still working on smaller issues.

2021-10-21[edit | edit source]

  • Kitty: Fixed less compiling on all wikis.
    • Fixed serving of minerva skin for mobile.
    • Pushed tanka config to enable database testing for Cook.
    • Locked down timeline and syntax highlighter using shellbox.
  • Cook: Started testing migration speed.
    • Profiling the database.
    • Gained understanding of k8s setup.
  • Andmcadams+Riblet: Fixed major blockers for OSW desktop to be acceptable; remaining regressions are small.
    • Started work on fixing OSW mobile skin.
    • Mobile regressions updated on doc.

2021-10-22[edit | edit source]

  • Kitty: Timeline extension is now working.
    • Fixed the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) extension adapted from AWS.
  • Cook: Testing database latency.
    • Found a way to improve speed of migration, if we want to rewrite lots of scripts. Still looking for fundamental breakthrough to understanding latency. Would contribute to reducing write times for most actions.
  • Andmcadams+Riblet: Continued work on CSS fixes.
    • Major progress on Mobile skin. Biggest change is that Common.css is now loaded on all skins, so desktop specific styles need to be extracted to Vector.css.
    • Additional fixes to desktop darkmode.

2021-10-23[edit | edit source]

  • Andmcadams departs
  • Cook: More speed testing of database.
    • Confirmed a likely reasonable way to improve performance. Requires manual modifications to some of the migration scripts, which isn't done yet.
  • Kitty: Fixed thumbnails.
    • Installed memcache container, which should be used with the parser cache but isn't yet working.
    • Rolled back to old Tabber because TabberNeue vertical sizing bug is significantly worse.
  • Andmcadams: Fixed RSC CSS regressions.
    • RSC basically complete. Much simpler than OSW because there's no dark mode or mobile.
  • Riblet: CSS work.
    • Contributed to RSC CSS regressions for personal links and messageboxes.
    • Fixed tabber CSS since we rolled back TabberNeue.
    • Fixed mobile infobox bonuses (also on live site).
    • RSW CSS for Vector tabs and top links.

2021-10-24[edit | edit source]

  • Cook, Kitty, Riblet depart
  • Riblet: Some minor additional CSS fixes while at the airport.