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Flow[edit | edit source]

On wiki (using gadget JS):

  • Yes check.svg UI element to submit feedback - probably some kind of icon?
    • Fixed position, bottom right corner of the page
  • Yes check.svg Modal opens when clicking on UI element
    • Yes check.svg Pick star rating from 1-5 (required)
    • Yes check.svg Write feedback in text box (required)
  • Yes check.svg Submit feedback to Gloop API with info: target page (name? ID?), rating (int), feedback (str)

Then, on the API:

  • Yes check.svg Check blocked users table in SQL against the remote IP submitting the feedback (making the API call)
    • Yes check.svg If matches, disallow leaving the feedback - show message on the modal on wiki?
  • Yes check.svg Generate UUID for the feedback submission
  • Yes check.svg Save remote IP along with UUID to auxiliary table in SQL - should have a short (30 day) TTL
  • Yes check.svg Edit (or create) the target page's talk page using MW API with:
==Feedback (<datetime?>)==

{{Feedback|id=<uuid>|rating=5|feedback=My feedback}}
  • Post feedback to a channel on Discord(?)
  • On submission modal, link user to the aforementioned Discord channel to discuss their feedback(?)

After submitting:

  • Allow users to "resolve" the submission by clicking something on the template(?) (if they are logged in(?))
    • This would make the user edit the talk page to change the template from {{Feedback}} to {{Feedback/complete}} or something
  • Users can track "unresolved" feedback by visiting a page like [[RuneScape:Feedback]] to see a list generated with DPL
  • Provide a way for certain people (admins?) to block users from submitting feedback, maybe by using a command on a Discord bot like /feedback block <uuid>(?)

Cleanup[edit | edit source]

  • Use better language on modal to direct users to Discord
  • Add Discord link in the feedback template
  • Make icon better on dark mode
  • Don't tell users on the UI if they are blocked