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Hourly pageview stats[edit | edit source]

Entrance sources[edit | edit source]

For sessions that start at the specified page.

Next clicks[edit | edit source]

Too much data to put here: see a truncated version on Google Sheets.

Miscellaneous records and facts[edit | edit source]

A non-exhaustive list of all the activity records that have been broken in the last couple days because of Trailblazer. Note that Google Analytics is missing approx. 35% of total traffic due to ad blockers.

  • Most pageviews in an hour (GA) - New records set on Wednesday and Thursday, but Sunday shattered it with 319,000 in the 20:00 hour. Pre-TBZ record was 240,000.
  • Most pageviews in a day (GA) - Each of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were higher than the previous day, with Sunday coming in at 5,557,000 views. The pre-TBZ record was 4,569,000 on April 26th.
  • Most unique visitors in a day (Cloudflare) - 570,000 on Sunday. Previous record not known but believed to be around 520,000 some time in April.
  • Most pageviews in a day (Cloudflare) - 8,950,000 on Sunday, with each new day being a record.
  • Most pageviews in a minute (Cloudflare) - This data doesn't go back super far but it's gotta be a record - 9,890 pageviews on the exact minute the Trailblazer relics and tasks were released.
  • Most users with 100+ edits in a month - 35 in October 2020. This was almost entirely due to Trailblazer prep and a great pipeline of new editors from the Leagues community.

Really the most impressive thing here is that the overall wiki traffic has actually gone up every day since release. That's pretty unheard of for any game update.