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List of performance things to look at:

  • Understand SMW slowness with fetchFromTableByTitle
  • Figure out speed tradeoffs between SMW writes and SMW/DPL reads
  • Generally, speed-profile much better with test wiki
  • Understand why Cloudflare caching (images, etc) doesn't work as well as expected
  • Understand distribution of database queries and places to optimize (especially LinkCache::fetchPageRow)
  • Remove unnecessary site CSS (especially Kartographer)
  • If we can get SMW better, rewrite lots of stuff as SMW reads rather than DPL reads
  • Consider moving from GKE autopilot to GKE standard for better burst performance/cost savings
  • Consider switching order of htmlCacheUpdate/refreshLinks jobs for GE updates (or perhaps all cases?)
    • Requires batch purger