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Current[edit | edit source]

  • $1311 on GKE autopilot CPU + memory
  • $560 on CloudSQL CPU + memory
  • $140 on Network Inter Zone Egress
  • $104 on BigQuery storage (not really related to prod)
  • $80 on origin bandwidth (50 GB per day)
  • $71 on CloudSQL storage (191 GB/mo in high-availability)
  • $57 on cloud logging
  • $42 on storage egress (???)
  • $30 on persistent disk
  • $20 on load balancing
  • $60 miscellaneous other

Plus taxes comes to about $2722 a month, with some variation.

Savings ideas[edit | edit source]

If we did all of these it would save us about $1700/month after sales tax. Not all of them are a good idea though.

GKE[edit | edit source]

  • Yes check.svg Reduce MediaWiki pods from 5 to 3 ($340/month). We just bumped it for leagues headroom, it never gets that high now.
  • Yes check.svg Stop using ProxySQL ($60/month). Still need to decide if this is actually a good idea, but it might have other benefits.
  • Yes check.svg Stop using Poolcounter ($40/month). Probably not a good idea on its own, but when paired with other things might be smart.
  • Yes check.svg Reduce MediaWiki pods further from 3 to 2 ($170/month). This is not safe currently but could be safe if we change htmlCacheUpdate to not completely invalidate CF caches immediately.
  • Move to GKE standard instead of autopilot (~40% savings, $300/month after all other suggestions)

CloudSQL[edit | edit source]

  • Yes check.svg Reduce CloudSQL machine size ($280/month) - it never really reaches max capacity. The question is whether we're relying on the 26G of memory more than we realize.
  • Resize CloudSQL disk ($30/month). Somehow we're only using about half of it? This might be disruptive though.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Yes check.svg Move all autopilot pods into the same zone ($140/month). Saves on inter-zone egress. This is actually already done.
  • Archive BigQuery storage ($70/month?). Most of the BQ storage is for things that are not actively used often, like varbit and movement crowdsourcing. We should just GZIP it and put it in GCS.
  • Move cloud logging all into BigQuery ($50/month). Cloud logging costs $0.5/GB and BigQuery logging costs $0.05/GB (or so) for inserts. Storage costs are negligible.
  • Yes check.svg Figure out what the storage NA/EU egress costs are ($40/month).