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This is a documentation subpage for Template:RefDate.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The RefDate template is used for adding a red asterisk to references when the become unverified for a certain period of time (see examples). Its primary use is for citation templates. See the references and citations style guide for more information.


{{RefDate|{{{date|}}}|alternate duration}}

First input

This is set above as {{{date|}}} intentionally. All current citation templates use the input date=~~~~~ as the date of last verification, so this should be used as the input. If the template uses a different named input, use that name instead.

Second input

Optional - specifies the number of days the template should wait before displaying the asterisk. Defaults to 30 days. Some areas of the RuneScape website changes less often than other areas (for example, the Forums are a lot more dynamic than the Game Guide).


Note - the following are static examples

If the first input does not exist - a date has not been given.


Category:References that need verification is added.

If the first input is a date of over 180 days ago


Category:References that need verification is added, and is sorted by the date given. Note the difference in hover text between this and the above examples.


The asterisk is given the class outdate-ref. This can be used to customise the colour and behaviour of the asterisk. Some examples:

Add to this:

  • Make the asterisk green instead of red:
.outdate-ref {color:green !important;}
  • Hide all outdated-reference asterisks:
.outdate-ref {display:none !important;}