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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:PlainCiteGeneral/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]
Template:PlainCiteGeneral invokes function generalplain in Module:References using Lua.
Template:PlainCiteGeneral invokes Module:References using Lua.

This template is used to cite sources. It is specifically for web sites.

This template exactly like Template:CiteGeneral, with two exceptions. First, it is not a reference template in the sense that it does not create footnote-styled references. Instead, it creates the same text that {{CiteGeneral}} would as a non-reference. This is desirable if a certain page is the source of the majority of an article, as having the same reference at the end of every sentence. Second, it does not have the "name" parameter, as this only applies to footnote-style references.


Common form for cases where little is known about authorship of the page (with current date)
Using last, first (with current date)
Using author (with current date)
All parameters
|url = 
|title = 
|accessdate = 
|author = 
|last = 
|first = 
|authorlink = 
|coauthors = 
|date = 
|year = 
|month = 
|format = 
|work = 
|publisher = 
|pages = 
|language = 
|archiveurl = 
|archivedate = 
|quote = 

Required parameters

  • url: URL of online item.
  • title: Title of online item.

Template:References standard parameters