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Template documentation
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Embed external images using internal image-like styling for thumbnails. Only images hosted on the servers listed at the local image whitelist can be embedded directly into a page. Images on any other server will appear as a regular hyperlink. Currently, the following general image hosts are supported:

*These sites should not be used as host, but it is possible to use images that are already uploaded to these sites.


{{Extimage|url|alignment|width|caption (optional)|link=url (optional)}}


The URL of the external image.
Either left, center, or right. The image will be floated so that surrounding text flows around the image. Use {{clear}} to reset the document flow.
For Wikipedia images, leaving this blank results in an in-text image.
Width of the image, in pixels.
caption (optional)
An optional caption that appears below the image.
For Wikipedia images, this parameter results in a link(so could be substituted with the link parameter).
link (optional)
The URL that the image will link to. By default, the image URL itself is also used as the link URL. The image can be made unclickable by specifying an empty link parameter.
For Wikipedia images, this parameter is substitutable with the fourth parameter.