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Template documentation
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Template:DiscordBan invokes function main in Module:DiscordBan using Lua.

Helper for easy display of discord bans on Discord/Banned users/list.


All fields are optional; if not present, the cell is left empty.

|date = date of ban; automatically formatted to be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format by #time
|id = discord ID of the banned user
|username = Discord username (including discriminator); this can be left blank if the username is inappropriate
|admin = Discord username (including discriminator) of the banning admin
|reason = ban reason

User:Gaz Bot will attempt to automatically add new bans to the list, prefilling the data from the ban event in the server's audit log. The bot will fill in the date as @UNIXTIMESTAMP, which is how the time parser function supports timestamps. If necessary you can edit what the bot adds to remove offensive names or adjust any other information.