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Sysadmins, also known as system administrators, serve an important role on maintaining the Weird Gloop wikis. They are the only paid members of the Weird Gloop wikis, working as independent contractors responsible for the technical setup and upkeep of the Weird Gloop server systems. For this reason they are additionally held accountable to the board and expected to follow its directives. Due to this conflict of interest, they are unable to serve as board members, but are retained as the board sees fit to provide technical advice.

In order to carry out their role, they are members of the sysadmin global user group, which encompasses the user rights of bureaucrats, along with checkuser and other system administrative rights, but this does not constitute a bureaucratic role. However, on Meta Wiki, they effectively serve the role of administrators, with additional function, as Meta Wiki acts as the global wiki for various extensions, such as AbuseFilter, and hosts shared gadgets.

Sysadmins may perform any of the following:

  • Temporary actions for testing and debugging across the Weird Gloop wikis.
  • Use of bot accounts as needed for their work.
  • Anti-vandalism work, such as banning if needed.
  • Reply to emails sent via Special:Contact when a technical response is needed.

Outside of carrying out their role, they are expected to follow the policies of the individual wikis and of their local role on the wikis, such as administrator. They are however, with discretion, permitted to use tools they may not otherwise have on behalf of a user who does have that tool, when asked.

Current Sysadmins[edit source]

The list of current sysadmins can be verified using Special:ListUsers/sysadmin.