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This article is about the page for requesting administrative tools. For help from current administrators, see Meta:Administrative requests.

A request for adminship (RfA) is the process by which users of the Weird Gloop Meta Wiki decide whether or not a candidate will be granted additional tools that aid in maintenance of the wiki. A user may either submit their own request for adminship (a self-nomination) or be nominated by another user.

Current requests for adminship[edit source]

Current requests for adminship
Username Nomination date Closing date Discussion
There are currently no requests for adminship.
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About RfA[edit source]

The RfA process may result in a user being granted administrative abilities by being added to the sysop user group (system operators, also known as administrators). Sysop tools include the ability to block users from editing, delete or protect pages. They also include managing global tools related to vandalism prevention, such as:

For more information on administrators and their tools, see the administrators page.

Nomination requirements[edit source]

Decision process[edit source]

The strength of the arguments supporting, opposing, or expressing a certain opinion of the candidate is the main factor used in determining the success of the request per the consensus policy. Requests must last for at least one week, at which point they may be analysed for a final decision, which may determine whether or not there is consensus to grant the candidate access to the tools they requested. Additionally, if the outcome of the request is not clear, the nomination may be extended for a further period of time in order to determine a proper consensus.

Expressing opinions[edit source]

Any user is welcome to comment on requests. Comments should assess not only the use or need a candidate has demonstrated for the tools with which they would be provided, but they should also reflect upon their leadership ability and skill at diplomacy - necessary qualities for an administrator. Remember to keep the wiki's best interests in mind when assessing a possible candidate.

Nominations for adminship are not secret ballots. Comments are often responded to, and discussion commonly takes place within the candidate's nomination section. Try to avoid heated arguments and remain calm.

Support or opposition should also not be based on friendships or rivalries. If a candidate has had a disagreement with you or a friend of yours in the past, do not simply oppose the candidate's nomination for that reason.

The following is a list of common discussion markup choices which should be placed at the beginning of all posts within a nomination section.

  • Support - followed by a reason for supporting the nominee.
  • Oppose - followed by a reason for opposing the nominee.
  • Neutral - followed by a reason for neither support nor opposing nominee.
  • Comment/Observation/Note - followed by a statement presenting facts or clarifying a disputed fact.
  • Not yet/Wait a little - followed by a reason for currently opposing while suggesting future support.
  • Notice of intent - a bureaucrat's notification of an intent to either close a discussion or extend it for a specified period of time.
  • {Decision} - a decision made by a bureaucrat presented in the form of {Example Candidate} has been made a sysop/bureaucrat or The discussion period of {Example Candidate}'s nomination is now over, {Example Candidate} remains a normal user/sysop.

How to nominate[edit source]

  1. Create a page at Meta:Requests for adminship/NOMINEE, where NOMINEE is the username of the nominee.
  2. If this is not the first RfA for the user:
    1. If this is not the first RfA for the user (or is an RfB) add /# to the page name.
    2. Add a link to the previous nomination to the request.
  3. Follow the instructions given on {{RFA}} to fill out the request.
  4. If this is a non-self nomination, contact the nominee to let them know that they has been nominated.
  5. The candidate must then sign the acceptance of nomination section on their request page.

Instructions for bureaucrats[edit source]

Once a request has run for at least one week, the following procedure should be executed by a bureaucrat:

  1. Announce on the candidate's RfA page that their RfA is finished with the final decision, or place a note of intent if more time is required.
  2. Remove the RfA from the above list.
  3. Add a link to the finished nomination to the archive.

If the request was successful, the following steps should be executed:

  1. Add the person to the appropriate user-group using the user rights management page. Remove redundant usergroups, such as rollback or custodian.
  2. Add the candidate to the list of administrators.