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This page in a nutshell:
Customized templates created by users should be in the userspace.

Many users wish to use templates to add a personal touch to their userpages, or to unify content across a web of user subpages. This is perfectly fine; however in order to facilitate this, users must take care of where they place their personal use templates. This is both for maintenance and organizational purposes. Its important to identify which templates are for user page use, since usually templates are deleted if they only used in the User namespace.

Signatures[edit source]

Signature templates, in order to make transitioning between wikis easy, can be located in the templatespace as subpages of Template:Signatures. These should be categorised as Category:Signatures with the sortkey being the subpage name with uppercase first letter, i.e. <noinclude>[[Category:Signatures|{{ucfirst:{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}]]</noinclude>.

If users prefer, they can place their signatures in a subpage of their userpage, usually User:name/Signature. These should also be categorised (but this time it uses {{BASEPAGENAME as the sortkey).

Other templates[edit source]

Other personal use templates are used to organise and unify the appearance of a userpage. It includes things like headers, sidebars, userboxes, and footers. These templates cannot be created in the Template: namespace, since they are only for use on one user's page. Instead, they must be created as a sub-page of the user's page, for example, User:name/Header. They can then be transcluded just like any other template using {{User:name/Header}}. These types of templates do not need to, and in fact, should not be categorised.