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Name Closure date Type Subject Closure Notes
2019 Weird Gloop board elections: go vote! 2020-01-05 Company Announcement of voting being opened for 2019 board member elections No proposal
Congratulations, you gained a Discord level! Your Discord level is now 2. 2020-01-06 Discord Attempt #2 for a Discord server banner. Withdrawn
New discord channel 2020-02-05 Discord Create a new discord channel Disallow
2019 Weird gloop elections: results and discussion 2020-02-09 Company Announcement of 2019 election results No proposal See Weird Gloop elections/2019/Results
Weird Gloop constitution 2020-02-09 Company Adopt a new company constitution Allow See Articles of association and Weird Gloop constitution
Require 2FA for Risky Actions 2020-02-26 Technical Require two-factor authentication for several user rights network-wide Allow
Talking in reddit-* 2020-03-07 Discord Enable talkinig in discord reddit reporting channels Allow
Centralising Discord stuff 2020-03-27 Discord Discord information on meta wiki Allow
Breaking the glass ceiling 2020-04-04 Discord Allow
Redefining adminship for 2020 2020-04-13 Community Allow
Board meeting July 2020 2020-08-12 Company Announcement of the third general meeting of the 2020 board. No proposal Meeting minutes at Forum:Board Meeting - July 26th, 2020
Board meeting October 2020 2020-11-12 Company Announcement of the fourth general meeting of the 2020 board. Allow
PSA: Grand Exchange changes 2020-12-13 Technical Change data sources for Grand Exchange prices No formal closure
2020 Weird Gloop board elections: call for candidates 2020-12-22 Company Board election No proposal
Transparency of the Board of Directors 2020-01-05 Policy Suggestions of how to keep the work of the board of directors No formal closure
Change to the structure of Weird Gloop board 2020-01-05 Company Proposal to change to the structure of Weird Gloop board Allow
Board meeting January 2020 2020-02-09 Company Announcement of the first general meeting of the 2020 board. No proposal Meeting minutes at Forum:Board Meeting - January 19th, 2020
Board Meeting - January 19th, 2020 2020-03-27 Company Board Meeting Allow
Death by squid 2020-02-26 Discord Retire the update squids role and update-squad channel Allow
Upcoming board meeting April 2020 2020-04-26 Company Announcement of the second general meeting of the 2020 board. No proposal Meeting minutes at Forum:Board Meeting - April 11th, 2020
Board Meeting - April 11th, 2020 2020-07-16 Company Board Meeting Allow
Discontinuing Wikia account migration 2020-08-29 User-related Wikia account migration No proposal
Forum:Content namespaces -- and you 2020-05-25 Content Standardising what namespaces count as content across the wikis Allow
Board Meeting - April 11th, 2020 2020-09-30 Company Board Meeting Allow
Spanish OSRS wiki 2020-09-30 Content A new Oldschoool RuneScape wiki in spanish Withdrawn
Reorder Admins on Discord 2020-12-10 Discord Alter the order No consensus