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Name Closure date Type Subject Closure Notes
Forking RSC and pt-br RS3 wikis 2019-01-02 Technical Fork the RuneScape Classic and Brazilian Portuguese RuneScape Wiki to the Weird Gloop network Allow
2018 Weird Gloop board elections: call for candidates 2019-01-08 Meta Call for 2018 board candidates No proposal
Weird Gloop week 2 update 2019-01-08 Meta 2nd week update No proposal
Deploy structured RC network-wide 2019-01-08 Technical Deploy structured RC No formal closure Was deployed
Global usergroups 2019-03-10 Policy Define the role of global usergroups Allow Page creted at Meta:Sysadmins
2018 Weird Gloop board elections: results and post-mortem 2019-03-10 Discussion Discussion or 2018 board elections No proposal
"The voting method is bad!!!" 2019-03-10 Discussion Discussion of the voting system used in the 2018 board elections No proposal