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# Comments start with '#' and each line is a regex ran against the Special:Contact message, if it matches the message is dropped. /B2B (audience|business|customer|leads|marketing|profit|sales|service)/i /CBD (affiliate|blog|marketplace|product|shop)/i /Digital Marketing Specialists for a Creative Agency/i /Domain Nerdz/i /Food and Beverage Business Directories/i /(Hemp|Vape) and CBD/i /How To Get Paid For What You Already know/i /marketing (automation|lists /monetization (solution|tool)/i /no prescription needed/i /ParsSeo/i /Peaches ?and ?Screams/i /Private Blog Networks/i /Search Engine Scraper/i /SEO (agency|and SPY|freelancer|package|service|tool|trial)/i /slotsbonuses2020\.com/i /Vape (Life|Shop)/i /XRumer/i /"?dating"? (post|site)/i /cialis/i /levitra/i /viagra/i /price (drugstore|pharmacy)/i # Block cyrillic spam with URLs. /[А-Яа-яЁё]+.*(https?:\/\/)/u /=\?UTF-8\?Q\?.*(https?:\/\/)/ # "Saturday question" spam /I'd rather buy local, if possible/