Migrating from Wikia

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If you created a Wikia (FANDOM) account and have contributed to one of our wikis prior to the date that they forked from FANDOM, you can migrate your account over to our network. As a result, you'll retain all of your edit history. To gain access to your old account, please contact us.


  • While your personal CSS and JS pages may be intact, the chances are that a lot of the code within them will either be obsolete or broken. This is because we use an updated version of MediaWiki across our wikis, and we use a different skin. Importantly, importing scripts from FANDOM's developer wiki will no longer work.
  • Your watchlist will not be carried over. You may have to do this manually if you desire.


I've created an account accidentally, can I merge it?

Yes. Please contact us from an email address that either account is associated with. You will be required to verify that you own the account you are merging into or from.