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The main thing

The opening of this Wiki is to be used as a means of interval so that people who currently play runescape have some knowledge about the game, also to encourage new players to be encouraged to enter this world, which will become interesting for them. everything you can learn, We will also look for the way to interact with our Followers through the English language, This will not be easy but with the effort and dedication of our team we can make Several People come to Love This Wonderful Game

The Secondary

In addition to inviting new players to this game we will give you Guides to make it less complicated when entering the world of Runescape, these Guides will go from Level Elevation, Efficient Methods, Mission, Etc. Our team will always be ready for this Wiki to attract more public through this —The preceding unsigned comment was added by NemesisUwU (talk) on 01:10, 28 July, 2020 (UTC).