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This thread was archived on 6 July 2022 by Elessar2.

Our first board meeting of the 2022 Weird Gloop Board took place on 12 March, 2022 over Discord Voice Chat. 8 of the 9 board members were in attendance (BigDiesel2m was absent), as well as 13 non-members who joined for the non-confidential portion of the meeting.

Meeting notes[edit source]

Board Roles[edit source]

Company roles are defined at Weird Gloop Board#Company roles. The following users expressed interest in each of the roles:

  • Chairperson - Elessar
  • Minute taker - Riblet15
  • Bookkeeper - Andmcadams
  • Treasurer - Cook
  • RS wiki liaison - BlackHawk
  • OSRS wiki liaison - BigDiesel2m
  • PTBR wiki liaison - Toktom

These roles were established with unanimous agreement by the members in attendance.

Retrospective[edit source]

RSW[edit source]

  • Game content updates
    • Eye of Het, Double XP weekend, new slayer creatures, Yak track
  • Wiki Projects
    • Isobel - boss strategy pages
    • Robert - status effect pages
    • Habblet - cosmetic overrides
    • BlackHawk - Location infoboxes, jmod pages
  • 9 new Wikian titles since last quarter
  • Improved site efficiency by replacing some DPLs with SMW.
  • Closed the FC whitelisting nominations thread
  • Cook: how can we encourage new editors?
    • Toktom: Can we ask jmods to make a news post?
    • Want to personalise interaction with new people as much as possible.

OSW[edit source]

  • Game content updates
    • Shattered Relics league - notable boost in reader activity, but not a huge amount of wiki editing activity due to the nature of the league.
    • The wiki was given some pre-release information from Jagex, but not a game cache.
  • Cook: Nex drop rates controversy caused by wiki crowdsourced data released before Jagex official rates.
    • In the future, we may want to balance the amount of information we share immediately. May want to contact JMods through informal channels to gauge what is acceptable.
  • Overall not a major amount of activity this quarter.

PT-BR[edit source]

  • Still making progress on improving templates and modules from RSW.
  • PT-BR now has access to forums with newsposts showing the patch notes. Will help improve the changelogs on the wiki, now that we have official translations.

Meta/Tech update[edit source]

  • Reaching stability and cutting costs on the new GCP / MW 1.36 infrastructure.
    • Ideally, lower costs to <50% the initial costs.
    • Focus on reducing spikes in resource usage to reduce costs without reducing stability and performance. Improvements to caching infrastructure.
    • Sub4 - Project to reduce page rendering time below 4 seconds.
    • Impact across all wikis, especially places that have a lot of navboxes, SMW, links.
    • User:Cook_Me_Plox/GCP_costs - Breakdown of current GCP expenses, with ideas on how to improve them.
  • Investigating replacements for SMW, which is one of the more expensive aspects of page rendering.
    • Toktom: Will PT-BR be broken if we transition from SMW? PT-BR doesn’t have experienced technical editors.
      • Cook: If we have a replacement, Cook or someone will contribute to migrate over. We won’t remove SMW without everything having been fully migrated to the replacement.
  • Currently in the process of upgrading to MW 1.37.
    • Significantly less overhead than the previous upgrade to 1.36.
    • Kitty has put in about a week of work so far. Mainly waiting to look over CSS to make sure there aren’t major regressions.
    • Change could go live this week. Read-only/downtime expected to be very minimal or none.
    • Ongoing intention is to stay up-to-date with stable MW releases (previous LTS version was 1.35).

Community concerns[edit source]

  • Isobel: Can we run new batches of OSWF on RSW?
  • Cook: Jagex has not consistently covered the costs of the bonds, even though we have a written agreement. The main person we had providing the bonds is no longer with Jagex.
  • Our priority should be to encourage new editors to stay around, rather than spending bonds just to finish single projects.
  • We can spend WG money to buy bonds, but it’s very unlikely Jagex would ever reimburse the money cost, we would just get extra bonds.

Previous action items[edit source]

  • Privacy policy - no update.
  • Account removal scrambling - now that we can rename accounts, this is done.
  • Mp4 player extension - no direct effort to do this, and based on priorities we will probably wait until after 1.37 upgrade.

Discussion[edit source]

Thanks to the community members who joined and to those who asked questions in the announcement thread. Feel free to leave any feedback you have for the board here or in Discord at any time. Riblet15 (talk) 00:36, 26 March 2022 (UTC)

Closed - Closing this thread as the next meeting announcement has been posted at Forum:Upcoming board meeting July 2022. Elessar2 (talk) 11:03, 6 July 2022 (UTC)