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This thread was archived on 3 March 2022 by BlackHawk.

Our final board meeting of the 2021 Weird Gloop Board took place on January 9th, 2022 over Discord Voice Chat. 8 of the 9 board members were in attendance (Haidro was absent), as well as 19 non-members who joined for the non-confidential portion of the meeting.

Meeting notes[edit source]

Retrospective[edit source]

RSW[edit source]

  • Content updates
    • Het’s Oasis brought in lots of editing (mentions of duel arena).
    • Interactive maps can now show old content.
    • Lots of new scenery pages created.
  • Community discussions
    • Events team shut down officially, future events will be organised by *an unofficial group.
    • Ongoing discussion about FC mentions in namespace.
    • Recent changes sidebar widget.

OSW[edit source]

  • Main doc: OSW Update Jan 2022
  • Content updates
    • Nex update coverage going fairly smoothly.
    • Starting to prepare for the new League. Nothing major launched yet.
  • Community
    • New bureaucrat Jake, new admin Shayani.
  • RL integration
    • Upcoming project: Wiki Sync. Personalise the wiki experience based on your account details similar to RS3, but OSRS doesn’t have as many APIs so we need to partner with RL.
  • Technical changes
    • CSS updates for MW 1.35 Upgrade
    • CSS variables refactor

PT-BR[edit source]

  • Main doc: PT-BR Wiki Update Jan 22
  • Template coverage improving, starting to approach coverage similar to RS wiki.
    • Big help from non PT-BR editors (Salix, Gaz, etc.)
  • Some new editors, but struggling with retention due to difficulty in learning wiki editing.
    • Created lots of guides to help newcomers learn how to edit.
  • Valka created a new project for coverage on Summoning content. 200 pages created, new calculators, and quests updated. (ptrsw:Wiki_Projetos/Plano_Espiritual)
  • New years updates:
    • From 8300 pages to 11600 pages.
    • Rewriting quest guides, many originally copied from an outdated source.
    • Anti-vandalism block on userpages.
    • New admin (Karadhras).
    • About ~70 percent success on covering new updates.
    • Good communication with PT-BR jmods.

Meta[edit source]

  • Year in review (link)
  • Wiki sync project in progress. Trying to personalise the site based on OSRS account data, partnering with RuneLite to export player information based on account state. Trying to launch this before the upcoming League so we can use it to track League status.
  • GCP migration - Finished and launched in November. Wiki has been moved from OVH (cheap, unreliable) to Google Cloud and Kubernetes (more stable).
    • Now focusing on cost reduction, since the new setup is about 50% more expensive. Cost is spiky based on GE updates, since we have to update content on any page using a GE price, causing lots of cache invalidations. Still investigating how to improve the general speed of the system.
    • Average request time is about 33% less than before.
  • MW 1.36 Upgrade - Updated wiki backend from MW 1.30 to 1.36, the new official Long Term Support version so we can stay up to date with security releases. Unblocks user renames.
    • Lots of CSS and Gadgets were broken by this migration, with hundreds of changes made to fix regressions on all wikis. Still possible that icons or other interfaces are broken by the change, so we expect a possible long tail of user reports.

Board Elections[edit source]

Community concerns[edit source]

  • Privacy concerns. We are watching any guidelines published by the Wikimedia Foundation, including the possibility of hiding IP addresses for anonymous editing. (WP link)
  • OSWF. We haven’t run a set of tasks for about 6 months. Project isn’t entirely cancelled, but we haven’t wanted to push Jagex too hard right now.
  • Custom archiving solution. We currently use third party archiving hosts (, etc.) that have questionable reliability and limited access based on ISP.
    • Requirements are nebulous, since we have archives of many media on many platforms. Possible content we want to archive are twitter posts, old fansites, game caches, discord messages.
  • Plan for user feedback. Technical aspects not fully decided, but will likely result in a button on pages that posts to talk pages as well as a central location to encourage interaction.
  • Mp4 handling. No real updates on progress, but we want to consider using the browser default media handlers.

Discussion[edit source]

Thanks to the community members who joined and to those who asked questions in the announcement thread. Feel free to leave any feedback you have for the board here or in Discord at any time. Riblet15 (talk) 23:31, 9 January 2022 (UTC)

Closed - Closing this thread as the next meeting announcement has been posted at Forum:Upcoming board meeting March 2022.  BlackHawk (Talk)    15:06, 3 March 2022 (UTC)