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This thread was archived on 6 August 2021 by Elessar2.

Our second board meeting of 2021 took place on 1 May over Discord Voice Chat. The 9 board members were all in attendance, as well as 16 non-members who joined for the non-confidential portion of the meeting.

Meeting Notes[edit source]

Retrospective[edit source]

RSW[edit source]

  • Recent updates: Arch expansion & rex matriarchs boss. Handled okay. Has not been much content due to login lock out issue affecting players accessing the game for ~1 month or so.
  • Upcoming updates
    • Large update to Divination soon - guides etc will need some large updates
    • New player models will mean retaking lots of images
  • New wiki projects
    • (possible oswf) Moving graphical updates images to individual pages instead of massive tables
    • (oswf) add options to infoboxes, seems to be going well
    • [forgot to mention in meeting] adding pages for unique scenery, mainly just Blackhawk doing this at the moment.
  • Active RFA (James)

OS[edit source]

  • Main doc:
  • New collaboration with Runelite
    • ~450 people opted in to the api-discussion channels
    • Probably not planning to run a larger api hub for general community use. This would require too much overhead in teaching new users basic programming, which none of the wiki people are interested in taking on.
  • Mod Kieren provided source code for cooking.
  • Standard successful coverage of game updates.
  • Wiki has signed up for in-game clan pre-registration. Hoping to increase community representation by being active in game.

Pt-Br[edit source]

  • Continued progress on importing RS3 modules and templates. Approaching completion, but slow progress due to less technical experience.
  • Starting to create pages for all monsters and bosses.
  • ~5 new active editors since last meeting, and a few older editors have been less active.
  • OSWF not very successful, no real new editors from the pt-br tasks.
  • Tarefas dos Anciões project is more successful. Seeing some new editors creating new pages
  • Several editors who only edit their own userpages. It’s been annoying to see these user page edits in recent changes, without those users getting involved in editing the rest of the wiki. So far none of these editors have become regular editors afterwards.

Meta[edit source]

  • Discord<->Wiki account linking
    • Linking account gives a coloured discord name, and access to a private channel.
    • 94 people currently linked, with lots of chat in #wiki-lounge
    • TODO: Update the welcome messages to be more streamlined

Tech update[edit source]

  • MediaWiki 1.35 + Kubernetes
    • We’ve decided to separate the GCP migration from the 1.35 upgrade. We will upgrade to GCP with MediaWiki 1.31, which will make things easier to test.
    • Still waiting on MediaWiki 1.35 before we add account renaming and other features.
    • Progress has been slow, because nobody is working on this full time.
  • APIs
    • - Jayden has added endpoints for various RS3 features. These are generally getting used and not a huge resource burden for the wikis.

Community concerns[edit source]

  • OSWF
    • RS3 has paused for 1 cycle.
    • Jagex gives us ~30 bonds/month to use between the two games. Cook usually asks for bonds about every 3 months. The usual point of contact (Mod Poerkie) left Jagex, leading to some overhead in contacting the correct people. Bonds have now been delivered (April), which put us about 6 months behind.
    • Pt-br likely going to come from the same pool of bonds. Cook to follow up with how many bonds are owed.
    • Investigating the gap between RSW and OSW OSWF success. It seems like OSW generally gets more sustained editors from tasks, while RSW has a trend of editors only sticking around for the tasks and not becoming regular editors.
    • Possible idea: Transparency task is work that needs to be done, but doesn’t involve lots of wiki edits. This might not drive as many sustained editors.
  • Shirts
    • Brazil shirts greatly delayed. 1 person got a notice to pay extra postage, while 1 has been returned to Isobel. All other Brazil shirts haven’t had any update.
  • Year end review / Family photo
    • Reminder to submit your photos before the 8 May deadline
    • Year end review seemingly complete, but hasn’t been posted. Follow up with Steve to see if he is planning to get it posted, or if someone else should pick up work.
  • Per wiki round tables
    • Possible once per month meeting to get feedback on projects and get new ideas on ways to improve the wiki. This would probably be localised to each wiki, and could be organised by that wiki’s admins.

Previous action items[edit source]

  • OS DPS calculator
    • Talking to Mod Husky (old school), about possibly sharing actual combat code with us to help create an accurate DPS calculator. This kind of calculator could be linked from the game.
    • Currently waiting on Husky to come back to us with updates. Wiki could also build a proof of concept to help incentivise Jagex to give us the missing data.
    • Jayden had put some effort into a ReactJS application.
    • Wiki has organised a list of game mechanics that need further explanation.
  • MP4
    • No update on tech side of MP4
    • Current MP4 extensions don’t look great, because there’s too much unnecessary stuff being displayed
    • TODO: Continue to investigate MP4 solutions
  • Weird gloop meta page
    • No update, TODO: meta page
    • Covered above
  • Gaz User permissions on meta
  • New election system

New NDA[edit source]

  • Discussions with Nex to improve the NDA to protect everyone involved better.
  • Current NDA is about 1 page and generally doesn’t cover enough.
  • Should we require a physical address when signing the NDA?
    • Nex is suggesting that a physical address may be a necessary way to unambiguously identify a person.
    • Probably only Cook would have read access.
  • Possibly to add an expiration (such as 3 years)
  • Jagex has raised some points to indicate that the strength must be at least as strong as the business NDA.
  • Cook to send out the draft

Discussion[edit source]

Thanks to the community members who joined and asked questions. Feel free to leave any feedback you have for the board here or in Discord at any time. Riblet15 (talk) 19:00, 8 May 2021 (UTC)

Update - A trial "Round Table" for the RuneScape 3 wiki will take place at 21:00 (9pm) UTC on Saturday May 29th on the discord, see the Yew Grove post for more information. Elessar2 (talk) 10:34, 18 May 2021 (UTC)

Closed - Closing this thread as the next meeting announcement has been posted at Forum:Upcoming board meeting August 2021. Elessar2 (talk) 16:12, 6 August 2021 (UTC)