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acrylic#6417[edit | edit source]

Hey, I'm acrylic#6417 and was recently banned for Harassing users over PM. I would assume this user to be yxxng._s7#2641. For context, yxxng._s7#2641 added me and accused me of being a pedophile. He kept voice calling me and calling me names for not joining said voice calls. I told him to stop, and he then sent me a list of servers I was in currently/had been in. I asked him what he had a problem with, and he was making fun of me for being in the RSWiki/RuneLite discords. Whle he conntinues to harass me over PMS, threaten to DOX me and brute force my steam account details, he joins all the public discords I am in. Noticing this, I asked if he could be banned as he only joined the server to cause trouble for me. Instead, I was told to just block the account. I stopped pleading my case in the RSWiki discord and went on with my day. Eventually, I received messages from yxxng._s7#2641 to the effect of "hahahahaha you still haven't noticed I got you banned from all the servers you were in". Not only was I banned from the RSWiki server, but the Runelite server as well as probably others. Although I was banned for harrassing users in PMs, yxxng._s7#2641 was really the one harrassing me and attempting to get me banned from as many servers as possible.

Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/bd382287a079c8a5f2cd39cae8592034 https://gyazo.com/217c433fef3d43a6d51bfd167b08628c https://gyazo.com/1cf2be77565d0647633a487b29eac81b https://gyazo.com/17e443f056ff79be98df84f7fd47961d https://gyazo.com/ea5efc7c9f99b15d481c1ddc0c5345d8 https://gyazo.com/8740595edd6f617366da5ad9d1717b26 https://gyazo.com/103693234e8165d47d88329d3cf3023e 17:35, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

Hey acrylic, I'll clear things up here since the ban reasoning is vague at best. The harassment in question was towards another user, not yxxng themselves. This coupled alongside previous behaviour, including but not limited to ignoring moderation and homophobic remarks, will mean the ban will stick. That said, thanks for your screenshots, I've gone and banned yxxng also. Talk-to Kelsey 19:58, 23 June 2020 (UTC)